3oud Grammys episode

  • Publish date: Monday، 12 April 2021 Last update: Monday، 03 April 2023

The Grammys have always been one of the most exciting awards around the world, which my brother Fahd and I always enjoyed watching. This event brings together two worlds that are so dear to our hearts, fashion and music, from the moment the stars pass in their elegant gowns on the red carpet to the amazing performances of the musicians...The Grammys was the event we have always dreamed of.

The trip was the result of a collaboration between Marzook brand, DeGrisogono Jewelry and Trafalgar Company in Kuwait, as they invited us to attend the 58th Annual Grammy Awards in Los Angeles as representatives of the luxury jewelry brand.

It was very exciting to go to the awards ceremony, especially since invitations are only sent to people from the music world and there are only few VIP who get the chance to attend.

Our journey started from Kuwait to London and then the United States of America, a long journey that took about 18 hours, including the airport and arrival time, but we were extremely excited about this huge event so time didn’t matter to us at all.

During the trip to London, time was short and we did not get to sleep before the flight, especially since we were preparing for the travel and also because we had the AW’16 collection that needed to be finalized at the same time. We also had a photoshoot for the high-end jewelry brand DeGrisogono one day before the ceremony.

The trip from London to the United States was long, but fortunately, because we were exhausted, we were able to sleep during the whole trip, so time passed smoothly, and we sought to document that trip and post it on 3oud.com through short videos about our arrival in Los Angeles and our photoshoot.

Although everything was carefully prepared, some annoying things still got the chance to pop up, such as waiting 45 minutes for the driver to show up. It was normal after this long trip and being exhausted to feel angry, and to get mad about the stupid driver who was late. the company claimed that he was at the airport and that he couldn’t find us, knowing that we managed to meet the camera crew at the airport, while the driver was still missing, and instead of apologizing, his only excuse was that he couldn’t find us easily.

And whoever knows Los Angeles Airport will know very well that it is not difficult to reach someone when you want so. We even tried to contact him on phone but the device wasn’t able to find a signal. Anyway, were happy to find the driver finally. The camera crew and two luggage carriers were with us and we decided to go to the parking lot to save time.

We waited between 45 minutes to an hour in total for him to show up and then to come out of the second floor into the parking lot, it was a nightmare and even the luggage carriers were upset, especially since the whole thing usually takes only 5 minutes.

I was no longer angry but I was so tired and couldn’t wait to arrive to the hotel after all the lies the driver kept telling us over and over again, he continued to claim that he drove into the parking lot and didn't find us... His words were such an unnecessary drama and finally after yelling at him he drove us to the hotel.

After such a long journey, all we needed was an access to the phone and email to contact the editors of 3oud.com to let them know that everything was going well, thankfully.

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