From UK to Soku

  • Publish date: Wednesday، 02 June 2021 Last update: Monday، 07 June 2021
Written by: Noura Al-Swaiti
Photography: Muhammad Jassim
Makeup: Hessah Alsanea
Hair: Loisaeu salon

Ferah and Delal Dashti, better known as Lavender Ashess, talking to about their social media status, spending time together during the lockdown and what they're looking forward to this year.

Ferah and Delal Dashti

Farah wearing jacquemus suit with Bottega Veneta bag & shoes , Dalal wearing Stella McCartney and ByFar Bag with attico shoes

  1. Everyone who’s following you on Instagram is obsessed with your style and are so intrigued to find out more about you, tell us about yourselves and what made you create Lavender Ashess?

While Lavender Ashes started as an endeavor to explore our passion for photography, it evolved into an exploration of our lifestyle. We experimented with concepts of fashion, identity, and anonymity. Our most distinct characteristic is us being twins which created a new realm of opportunities for us.

  1. How have your Instagram feed evolved over time? Any specific turning points?

Our approach to our Instagram account is such as a personal diary. The development of the feed is one that is directly related to our personal growth. Our concept is one of simply being our authentic self. The turning point of our account was when we focused on showing our lifestyle rather than just focusing on photography.

Ferah and Delal

Farrah wearing Alessandra Rich and ByFar bag with Bottega Veneta Shoes

  1. What’s the most overrated part of being in social media?

We don’t see ourselves as being fully emerged in social media since we kept some obscurity to our identities. While Instagram allows one to present the positive aspect of our lifestyle, somedays it can be overwhelming.

  1. What advice would you give to those interested in building a following online?   

Keep it real, work hard, and enjoy the process

Ferah and Delal Dashti, better known as Lavender Ashess

Farrah wearing Alessandra Rich and ByFar bag with Botteqa Veneta Shoes , Dalal wearing Gucci vest , Balmain pant and Jimmy Choo shoes

  1. You have recently enrolled in a fashion school in Milan. Tell us about this experience and what do you plan to do with it.

Being at one of the top fashion schools globally (Istituto Marangoni), it was an extraordinary experience that involved a rollercoaster of emotions. It widened our perspective in fashion, and taught us that style has no limits, no rules, it is an expression of one’s emotion. Having worked under different fashion mentors, all specialized in different fields within the fashion industry, we decided it was the right time to start our own fashion label.

Lavender Ashess

Farah wearing jacquemus suit with bag & shoes , Dalal wearing Alexander Mcqueen pants Bottega Veneta belt and bag

  1. It has been such an exceptional time these days and there is so much uncertainty with the pandemic still dominating the news, what do you do in order to stay positive, especially with the lockdown? And what do you look forward to when this is all over?

We have to acknowledge that the pandemic provided many negative aspects, but we cannot ignore the positivity of the situation. We are fortunate enough to experience the positive more than the negative. It helped slow down time for us, made us focus more on improving ourselves, and focusing on appreciating life. We spend quality time with our loved ones , and practice yoga and meditation to help us ease the stress and anxiety of the pandemic. We look forward to the unrestricted lifestyle we used to take granted, physical contact and no lifestyle restrictions.

  1. How would you describe your personal style?

Personal style is not about what we wear, but deals with how we wear and style clothes. While we might be twins, we both have our own way of wearing the items in our wardrobe. We both are minimalistic while still pushing the boundaries and rules of fashion. Our mood shapes the way we dress.

Lavender Ashess Farah and Delal

Farah wearing jacquemus suit with bag & shoes , Dalal wearing Alexander Mcqueen pants Bottega Veneta belt and bag

8.Who are your favorite fashion designers internationally and in the MENA region.

  1. Jacqumues
  2. Helmut lang
  3. Jill sander
  4. Acne studios
  5. Heliot emil

Delal and Farah Dashti

Dalal wearing Khaite Dress with alexandre vauthier shoes & Isabel marant earrings

9.What are the most treasured items in your closet and why?

  1. Good pair of oversized jeans
  2. Basic white tee
  3. Classic oversized blazer
  4. Basic sneakers
  5. Good chains

10.Favorite travel destination of all time?


Ferah and Delal Dashti, talking to

Dalal wearing Khaite Dress with alexandre vauthier shoes & Isabel marant earrings,Farah wearing Attico dress and shoes