• Publish date: Tuesday، 29 March 2022
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Myriam•K Paris is known for their intoxicating and scintillating hair scents that leave an air of mystery and a sumptuous trail of rich and powerful fragrance in their wake.

The collection comprises of six different fragrances, each more unique and bolder and more intense than the next:

1. Signature
Top notes: Peach, Passion Fruit
Heart notes: Jasmine, Gardenia and Orange Blossom

Base notes: Vanilla Powder, Vetiver

2. Argan Mood:
Top notes: Orange Tree, Rose and Vanilla
Heart notes: Orange Blossom Absolute, Warm Wood and Hedoine

Base notes: Musk, Vanilla Pod and Amber
Argan Mood

3. Warm Oud:
Top notes: Citrus
Heart notes: Rose, Geranium and Jasmine

Base notes: Musk and Oud
Warm Oud

4. Jasmine:
Top notes: Jasmin, Tuberose and Ginger
Heart notes: Lily of the Valley, Peach Blossom and White Wood

Base notes: Musk and Orange Blossom

5. Sea Salt Caramel:
Top notes: Freesia and Jasmine
Heart notes: Cedar and Teak Wood

Base notes: Vanilla, Coconut and Tonka Bean
Sea Salt Caramel

6. Vanilla Pepper:

Top notes: Nutmeg and Black Pepper
Heart notes: Cedar

Base notes: Vanilla, Musk and Amber Wood

Vanilla Pepper

Each flavor profile in the perfumes has its own personality to it, whether you are a lover of traditional scents with a classic style at heart, or if you are sweet but with a tinge of spice, there is a fragrance for every personality type.

With ingredients that are sourced in the fragrance capital of the world, Grasse, and made in collaboration with a nose and the Founder of the brand, Myriam Keramane, each fragrance is made with the best raw materials, conveying a sense of sumptuous luxury from the very beginning. 

Myriam•K Paris is now available in the Middle East on