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  • Publish date: Sunday، 24 April 2022 Last update: Tuesday، 04 April 2023
Written by: Noura Al- Swaity

It took more than a dream and talent to make Hamsa come true. In order to stand out in a field that has become loaded with both professional and emerging designers, Hamsa designers had to define the vision and identity of Hamsa to create a unique brand. This is how the core value of Hamsa was created, a brand that blends contemporary aesthetics with the charm of Khaleeji heritage.

Hamsa managed to reinvent the traditional Caftan in a distinct form, which not only appealed to women of a certain age, but also to the hard-to-influence millennials who loved the way the traditional garment was reinterpreted.

In this fascinating and exclusive interview with Sharifa Al Ghanim and Shouq Al Fulaij, the creative minds behind Hamsa, we learn about their artistic passions, the challenges they faced during COVID-19, and their plans for the future.


Jewelry: Boucheron
Clothes: Hamsa

1. High-end fabrics and beautiful details are two of the most important elements that we love about Hamsa. Tell us about the start of the brand.

Design was my passion from an early age. I used to design my own dresses with my older sister who taught me a lot about the basics of fashion and design. This led me to have the need to build a brand that represents me to express my inclinations towards fashion, that’s why the idea of Hamsa emerged as a link to integrate different cultures in a modern way.

2.Why did you decide to name your brand “Hamsa”?

Hamsa is derived from the Arabic word "Khamsa", meaning number five. It's a special number to me because my family consists of five members. My family has been my original motivation and source of inspiration, and every time I see our logo, I am encouraged to do more. Our previous logo was the palm of the hand which also symbolizes the lucky number five but as our brand has evolved, we have changed the logo to a more definite shape.

3. You launched the brand on your own in the beginning, what prompted you to include your daughter Shouq as the brand grew?

My daughter Shouq has been with me since the beginning. She was responsible for the commercial and marketing side of the brand. Being my daughter, she has my absolute trust.

4. What is the essence of Hamsa as a brand?

The essence of Hamsa is to be true to yourself, and not to follow the transient trends.

5. How do you start working on your collection?

I look for inspiration everywhere, from antiques to art to history and poetry. Inspiration comes to me anywhere, like a spark that ignites my creative mind. I have a board on which I add pictures symbolizing everything that inspires me to help me creating a certain direction and spirit for my designs.

6. What was the biggest obstacle you faced since starting your brand and how did you overcome it?

Covid-19 has shut down everything, from production to creating new designs. We had to slow down and restructure our approaches to adapt to the current situation.

7. How has social media impacted the growing of Hamsa as a brand?

Through Instagram platform, we were able to build direct relationships with our clients around the world, learn what appeals to them, and get their reactions to the designs that we share on the platform, and this helped us develop some details on some designs and get to know what the client really wants and needs.

8. You have clients across the Gulf region - do you see any particular purchase patterns in each country?

Through social media, I was able to notice that women in the Gulf region are always at the forefront of fashion. They love fashion, choose what embraces our Arab culture, and focus on everything that is new and distinctive.

Hamsa 01

Jewelry: Boucheron
Clothes: Hamsa

9. Many young women from the Gulf countries are waiting for your collections and consider you a pioneer in your field. What attracts them the most when shopping at Hamsa? comfort? distinction? particular designs?

Purchasing a piece of Hamsa is a real investment. Hamsa clients understand the quality and craftsmanship behind every design. They have shared with us many pictures of our designs that they bought several seasons ago and that they refuse to give up because they consider them classic pieces that are still suitable for the coming years, and this is something we are very proud of.

10. How do you define your personal style?

My style changes depending on my mood. I generally wear certain types of clothes according to my mood; I like to add a distinctive element to my outfits. Of course, I always make confidence the basis of any look I intend to wear.

11. How do you see the influence of Middle Eastern fashion on the international fashion arena?

Middle Eastern fashion has its own twist. The influence that has grown through our historical development has led to the creation of modern fashion mixed with the spirit of the Middle East. The incorporation of different cultural designs in addition to the personal touch has been a recipe for success for many Gulf brands, which attract clients to them.

12. Many companies have been severely affected by COVID-19, how are you dealing with this pandemic?

We adapted to the needs of our customers. People no longer need to wear fancy pieces while being quarantined at home. We started to design comfortable, casual everyday pieces that still make our customers feel special while winding down inside their homes.

hamsaJewelry: Boucheron
Clothes: Hamsa

13. Which celebrity or influencer would you like to see wearing Hamsa designs?

Queen Rania of Jordan, Sheikha Moza bint Nasser, and Amal Clooney. They all represent the strong, modern woman trying to make a difference in the world while still looking stylish at the same time.

14. If you could change one thing in fashion, what would it be?

Fast fashion is the only thing I would change. Some people don't care about the quality of design and they go for fast fashion with cheaper quality instead.

15. What's the next step for Hamsa?

Designing kid's and men's clothing. We've seen demand for these categories and would love to see our brand in every wardrobe.

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Jewelry: Boucheron
Clothes: Hamsa