Interview with Road Rush Pioneers

  • Publish date: Tuesday، 21 March 2023 Last update: Wednesday، 22 March 2023
Interview with Road Rush Pioneers

Interview by: Asma AlMulla 

Car: Ali AlGhanim & sons.

Location: Kuwait Motor Town

Meet the girls who brought girl power to motorsports, Latifa Al Nassar, Muneera Al Nassar, and Luluwa Al Sabah, the leading ladies and pioneers behind Kuwait’s largest motorsports event Road Rush.

The trio have blazed a trail in the male-dominated industry, where such adrenalin rushes were once unimaginable for women in our culture. Established in 2011, Road Rush took the lead in being the first ladies racing event in the GCC, empowering women to take the wheel and encouraging and promoting their passions at full throttle.

Driven by passion, grit, and the need for speed, the entrepreneurs share in this

exclusive, their inspirations, motivations, achievements and challenges as women in motor sports and running Road Rush. 

Road Rush

1. Tell us about Road Rush’s beginning and how the idea took shape?

I’m a car fanatic. The adrenaline rush I get after racing. It’s an indescribable feeling. I love the sound of the engine, it’s like music to my ears.

My passion for anything related to engines, sound and speed is at the core of why Road Rush was established in 2011. When I was about to start University, I was looking to buy a new car. In my research for my dream car, I came across new terms like horsepower and torque. Learning more and more, I became obsessed with not the just car’s look and external features, but also how it runs. The engine became important to me.

Road Rush’s idea was discussed simply at a gathering between close friends who were so passionate about cars and racing.

2. What motivated you to start this initiative?

Ever since I could remember, I have always loved anything related to fuel and speed, whether it’s cars, motorcycles, jet skis, and boats. I also wanted to empower and extend this passion to other women who share the same drive, since there weren’t any events promoting women’s motorsports.

so, we decided to establish that community. Our family and friends gave us the push we needed to begin our journey. as We got motivated to change the stereotypical ideas people had back then about women racing and wanted this initiative to make a difference and inspire people especially women to fight for anything they are passionate about.

3. As women in a field dominated by men, what was your biggest challenge, and how did you overcome it?

The biggest challenge was for people to accept the idea of female racers, and welcoming women into a field that’s usually male dominated. I wanted to establish a space that empowers women to express their driving passions and get out of their comfort zone, as well establish Kuwait’s first racetrack. We want women to experience what they love. I always tend to say nothing is impossible. If you really want something, you can always do it.

It was challenging at first facing judgement from the community. We overcame this through the continuous and strong support of family and friends who told us that we could do it if we didn’t give up, and that’s what we did we overcame our biggest challenge by taking a stand with the help of our biggest supporters.

4. Road Rush has had an 11-year success, how do you stay consistent?

We always try to raise the bar higher every year. For starters, listening to people’s feedback and learning from previous gaps that happened and previous events and festivals. I like a good challenge. When I feel challenged, it keeps me on my toes, and I always need to be creative and up to date.

We prioritize quality, communication among the team, and feedback from our supporters, Road Rush’s motto is quality before quantity. Our passion grows year by year and pushes us to make this event more memorable than the year before. I believe this is what makes us consistently successful.

5. If you could do the whole process again, would you do it differently?

Honestly, I would not really change anything as every year we continue to learn from our previous experiences whether it is positive or negative.

we learned from any obstacles that we faced in the past, and that made us stronger.I would go through the same exact process because I believe the strengths and flaws of past events help shape what Road Rush is today.

6. In your opinion, what are the most important achievements of the initiative to date?

Our growth has been immense, starting out with just seven cars to having over fifty cars today. Our biggest achievement has been the impact we’ve had on empowering women, as well as society’s acceptance and participation in Road Rush. We are proud to be recognized as the largest event in Kuwait to date. We are considered the biggest event in Kuwait. Normalizing women racing, inspiring others and being the largest event in Kuwait Motor Town.

7. What lessons have you learned during your career?

I’ve learned to have better time management, patience, delegation, as well as being open to change and new ideas. Never give up, once you set your mind on something keep trying until you achieve what you really want. we have learned is that when one door closes, another one will open. And if it doesn’t open, we will find a way to open it. Basically, never give up on something you love ant to never compare because that idea will slow you down and distract you from flourishing.

8. What are the key success factors for you to rise as a woman in the field of entrepreneurship?

I must be bold. I must overcome all the obstacles, and not give up when any door closes. I never take no for an answer. I must be courageous and take risks. Believe in yourself and what you are capable of achieving.

As a woman in this industry, you need to have full confidence because there will be many doubters who try to demotivate and discourage you.

Love what you do. If there’s a passion, you will give your all. Success should empower you, not slow you down.

9. Who do you admire in the field of car racing?

Michael Schumacher I have always admired him ever since I was a child. I also admire Maria Teresa de Filippis because she was the first woman to ever race in Formula One. She broke stereotypes and followed her dream. And Like many people, I look up to Dania Patrick. The will to never give up and her continuous progress throughout her journey inspired me.

10. What can we expect for the future of Road Rush?

We like to keep surprises. So stay tuned for Road Rush 12, something incredible is coming soon.

Our goal is to remain the largest event in Kuwait, and hopefully in other Gulf countries as well. We want to inspire women to do what they love and succeed and to Maintain the event quality and continue inspiring women to fulfill their passion.