Olympic Swimmer Faye AlSultan in an Exclusive Photoshoot for Boucheron

  • Publish date: Sunday، 17 April 2022 Last update: Tuesday، 04 April 2023
Powered by: Boucheron
Location: Hotel Molitor Paris
Photographer: Hiromasa Sasaki

On a beautiful sunny day, as the clock ticked towards 10 am in a historic hotel in Paris, I sat watching the door of the suite we had booked a few weeks earlier while preparing for this special day; Her smile, that kept shining for the next seven hours that followed this moment, was the first thing that caught my attention when she set foot in the suite which was crowded with specialists in fashion and design.

fay al sultan

Serpent Boheme Collection

Faye Al Sultan, the Kuwaiti Olympic swimmer, who has become one of the influential figures of our time, is a great example of the Kuwaiti girl who was not afraid of the challenges she faced on her way to achieving her dream since childhood, as long as this thing will raise globally the name of her country, Kuwait.

Full of energy, buzzing with life; Perhaps these words can sum up the 20-year-old girl. She had such a spontaneity in her answers that made me lough sometimes; she is the middle child between two brothers and holds a bachelor’s degree from Williams College, one of the most prestigious universities in the United States of America, majoring in earth and nature sciences.

fay al sultan

Rivage Bracelet

I knew all of this about her in the first half hour in which we sat down to talk about Faye Al Sultan outside the pool; The place where she finds her comfort and haven.

While the make-up artist was putting his finishing touches on her cheeks, she spoke to me about her experience at the 2016 Rio Olympics, during which she broke her previous record and finished first in her group. "I didn't like the food there," she said, laughing, as she showed me the sunglasses and cell phone she got while participating in this huge global event.

 Faye Al Sultan

Bouquet D'ailes Necklace

About Culture and Art:

What is your favorite book?

I grew up reading "The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time."

Your favorite movie

For the time being “Pele” or “Imitation Game”.

The team then moved to the photoshoot location and I followed her to make sure not to miss anything she might say; She can utter important information in a spontaneous moment that may add a lot to my article.

She said that she has been swimming since she was eight years old encouraged by her parents. She swims twice a day for three days a week and once on the other days; In addition to practicing weightlifting at separate times during the week.

Serpent Boheme Collection

Serpent Boheme Collection

About Life:

Who is your role model in life?

My parents

A saying you believe in

“Be the change you wish to see in the world”
What does happiness mean to you?

Feeling sore and tired after yesterday's exercises

fay al sultan

Pompom Collection Necklace

Quatre Ring

she loves food; Although she has to follow a balanced diet all the time because swimming requires agility and balance. In this regard, I was curious to ask her about her height, which cannot be overlooked! "1.8 meters," she said while I was balancing the diamond necklace on her neck, designed by Boucheron, to match her stunning look.

Then we went back to the suite where her beautiful mother was waiting for her; at that moment, I realized that Faye Al Sultan inherited her beautiful features and cheerful spirit from her mother.

While the hairdresser was styling her hair for the next photo session, I asked her about her younger days and how she mastered this sport in Kuwait? “I studied at the American School in Kuwait, and because it does not have an Olympic swimming pool, I used to train in the Al-Arabi Club, Al-Yarmouk Club, Al-Qadisiyah Club and the Marine Club.” She replied.

At this moment, she looked as if she had just come out of one of the old Hollywood movies, with a stunning look in her favorite color, royal blue, surrounded by the ancient vibes of the Molitor Hotel, which carries in its corridors a long history of the charming life of famous people who lived in the golden age; It was the right moment to ask her about the man of her dreams. "Tall, athletic and intelligent; a mix of Albert Einstein and Cristiano Ronaldo”. She replied with a smile.

The Hedgehog Bracelet

The Hedgehog Bracelet

About Fashion:

Your favorite fashion designer:

Honestly, I prefer buying unique pieces of local designers.

After spending seven long and exciting hours with the Olympic swimmer Faye Al Sultan and before she left, she said that she cannot define success; In her opinion, it is closely connected to the happiness that is achieved through setting goals and striving to achieve them.