Your Gemstone-Energy with Pasquale Bruni!

  • Publish date: Tuesday، 06 December 2022
Your Gemstone-Energy with Pasquale Bruni!

Gemstones have been around longer than us. They are known to embody concentrated energy and profound resonance with the human body. Historically, their colors, shapes, and meanings carry a lot of knowledge and influence.

Let their magic vibrate with your energy! Read on to learn more about the gemstones featured in the Pasquale Bruni collections and which ones are right for you.

What are precious stones?

Healing stones that have come to be defined as "gems" are well known for their unique beauty, color, patterns, or clarity.

They have been used for thousands of years by ancient civilizations throughout history and have been attributed to different powers and meanings. These precious elements will keep their charm and properties forever.

Pasqual Bruni Gemstones

Pasqual Bruni Gemstones

The iconic Pasquale Bruni collections like Giardini Segreti, Bon Ton, Dolce Vita, Ton Joli, and Bouquet Lunaire live together in perfect harmony of colors and energies to evoke powerful impact for the wearer. A beautiful and unique way to add a personal touch to your style, all Pasquale Bruni creations are made of 18K gold with deep symbology attached to them.

Clear Quartz:

The pure and brilliant transparency of the clear quartz symbolizes the beauty of inner light that radiates joyfully into the world.

Clear Quartz

Rose Quartz:

Harmony and Love are expressed in the Chakra of the heart, the energy center in which we are able to seize the beauty of life.Rose quartz, the gem of Love, reveals facets of lotus, the symbol of the Chakra, creating an aura of protection and vital energy.

Rose Quartz

Smokey Quartz:

The corresponding element is Earth; the intense Smokey Quartz enhances the attitude of empathy, generosity, and well-being.

Smokey Quartz

Red Garnet:

The element of fire burns with passion and protects and frees the vital energy of the heart. The Red Garnet carries courage, grounding, and confidence.

Red Garnet

Green Agate:

Embodying the absolute energy of Mother Nature; a combination of power and protection. The Green Agate is a charismatic stone that fully expresses nature's strength as a tribute to the energy sparkling in every woman.

Green Agate

White Agate:

Lunar light is in the warmth of the White Agate with all its feminine power. Its velvety expression of light represents the moon and the feminine universe—the most seducing purity.

White Agate


Onyx represents land and strength, the sheer intensity of being. The black gem symbolizes elegance and confidence in the balance of the most generous femininity.



Diamonds are a girl’s light. They promote mental clarity and enlightenment, inspiring imagination, and creativity.


London Blue Topaz:

London Blue Topaz is the stone of inner beauty and truth, in harmony with the universe and the divine.

London Blue Topaz


Carnelian expresses Love for the Earth with intensity and gratitude. The stone of life, of the vital energy able to generate courage and essential balance in daily life.


Lapiz Lazuli:

The Lapis lazuli holds divine power, promoting vision, expression of the higher self, and the strength and sensuality of Isis.

Lapiz Lazuli


A call to lunar universes, it represents the goddess in every woman. Awaken the feminine energy and re-energize the body.


For over two generations, Pasquale Bruni has been delivering expert craftsmanship with unparalleled designs of high-quality jewels easily recognized thanks to the emotion, soul, and Love that resonates with whoever wears them. Founded by Pasquale Bruni, the company's creative direction is now in the hands of his daughter, Eugenia Bruni, who is leading the family jewelry brand forward with female empowerment in mind.

Eugenia shares, "The idea of a jewel comes from feelings, from inspired intimate research...a form of magic that is often inexplicable because it is shrouded in the mystery of emotions. It gives shape to Love, light to the heart, and life to a wonderful positive thought."

Every creation unites the nobility of metal and precious stones in a family-owned and managed workshop in the heart of Italy. Besides their exquisite beauty and appearance, choosing the perfect piece that resonates with you, and serves you in some way, is the story the luxury brand aims to make.

Visit the Pasquale Bruni store in 360 Mall of Kuwait to start shopping for truly precious jewelry!