Alexander McQueen Introduces The Deck Plimsoll

  • Publish date: Monday، 13 September 2021
Alexander McQueen Introduces The Deck Plimsoll

Alexander McQueen is pleased to introduce the Deck Plimsoll as part of its permanent collection.

Alexander McQueen

Launched for the Spring/Summer 2021 season, and an evolution of the signature Tread Slick, true to the handwriting of the house, the Deck Plimsoll is an innovative reinvention of a classic design.

Alexander McQueen 1

Taking inspiration from vintage basketball sneakers and skate shoes, the Deck Plimsoll has either a laced canvas or leather upper and a moulded rubber sole stamped with a diamond formation and the Alexander McQueen signature.

Alexander McQueen 3

Deck Plimsolls are available in white, black, navy, khaki and rose quartz canvas and in black and white leather.

Alexander McQueen 4