Alexander McQueen embroidery

  • Publish date: Saturday، 30 April 2022
Alexander McQueen embroidery

Crystal raindrop embroidery is created using beads, sequin shards and, of course, crystals. Inspired by the London sky prints in the collection and the view from the rooftops of the Alexander McQueen atelier, they reference the elements from dawn till dusk and from light showers sparkling with sunlight in a silvery palette to more ominous weather conditions in stormy shades of grey, black and navy.

Paper artwork is pinned on to the toiles of garments in order to perfect the placement of embroideries on the finished piece.

Three-dimensional versions are used to imagine the effect of crystal raindrop embroidery thigh-high boots.

The final artwork is placed on to a toile which will then be embroidered by hand.

Swatches of embroidery are pinned on to the final piece replacing the paper artwork.

Embroidery samples are placed on to a toile in the London atelier to perfect both placement and technique.

Crystal raindrop embroideries are applied by hand during fittings in the London atelier.

Panels of chandelier embroidery are placed to perfect the final placement. Crystals are placed on to hand cut tulle which is then embroidered on to the final garment, also entirely by hand.

Crystal chandelier embroideries are hand- stitched on to a black wool tuxedo jacket with tonal satin lapels using a specialist curve needle.

As with the ready-to-wear, the embroideries for boots, shoes and accessories are applied by hand meticulously following the artwork.

Embroidery appliqués are placed on to the final garment by hand.