• Publish date: Monday، 14 February 2022

Previously known for their fluid shapes and minimal embroidery, this new Abaya Drop 6 collection by 1309 introduces more fitted silhouettes, enhanced embroidery, and precise attention to detail which can be predominantly seen on their tulle scarf, one of this season’s bestsellers. Patchwork embroidery is yet another experimental and exciting creation this collection introduces, attaching various shapes such as the sun and moon to make their ‘Sol’ and ‘Dusk’ abayas.

The vast universe, the essence of the astronomy, the sun, moon and the stars have been strong design elements of 1309 since the start. This collection also sums up the same theory in such a way that when a 1309 girl wears it, she lights up the room.

Inspired by the powerful 1309 women that are seen and heard in the media, the brand was inspired to design different types of silhouettes for all types of occasion – events, dinners, outings, and more. This season also introduces a vibrant new colour palette as well as various patterns and quilting techniques.

The ‘Gia trench coat abaya’ is a stunning new double-breasted silhouette featured in six colours. The lightweight suede abaya is also featured in four colours – black, nude, moss green and purple. Each abaya comes with a waist slimming belt and customized 1309 buttons. Two of their exciting previously-made prints are seen on these new abayas – the ‘swirly UFO’ and the ‘black eclipse-second edition’ which come with matching printed scarfs as well.

This collection also experiments with a variety of fabrics and patterns – ultra soft chiffon, lightweight suede, vegan leather, eye-catching double-sided fabric, checkered and patterned premium washed silk all have been introduced. The monochromatic play used in the ‘DAWN’ abaya consists of black and white matte and lustrous crepe joined sequentially paving way to sun rays. Furthermore, the brand loves including embroidery and elements to the scarf, thought to be similar to a social media filter. For instance, when a scarf is worn that sparkles, like the ‘head in the stars’ scarf, it beautifies the face and adds a special effect to your look – all for the girl to feel more beautiful and confident in her abaya.