• Publish date: Monday، 18 July 2022

The first Aubade Jewelry Boutique outside of Kuwait opens in the prestigious Fashion Avenue

Multi-brand, high-end fine jewelry boutique Aubade Jewelry is delighted to announce the opening of its first branch outside of Kuwait, located at the Fashion Avenue in The Dubai Mall.

Founded by Kuwaiti entrepreneur Duha AlRamadhan in 2014, Aubade is a unique fine jewelry boutique from Kuwait, and an e-commerce platform, serving a global audience. During its eight-year operation, Aubade Jewelry has focused on housing a carefully curated selection of upcoming and emerging designers from around the world. Putting the Middle East’s appetite for fine jewelry on the global retail map, Aubade is now pleased to offer unprecedented access to the who’s who in jewelry at a regional level via both The Dubai Mall & Kuwait flagships, as well as their e-commerce destination.

The brand has introduced and brought brands and their designers to the region, including Anita Ko, Shay, Eva Fehren, Spinelli Kilcollin, and Lizzie Mandler.

‘I’ve always had an unparalleled passion for jewelry and would spend my travels scouring local markets for unique jewelry finds. However, I noticed that the niche for fine jewelry in the region was lacking, especially as friends and family were constantly admiring the pieces I’d collected abroad.

It was with this realization that I founded Aubade, which allowed me to bring my favorite international brands to the Middle East as well as introduce new names to the market.

Today, I still carry my original passion with me wherever I travel; the thrill of discovering an emerging designer is unmatched. The launch of this Dubai flagship is a testament to Aubade’s vision & success over our near-decade of work building the brand, which has consisted of bringing not only unique jewelry to the market but also exciting experiences for our clients. This coming year, we are very much looking forward to hosting both established and new designers in events across the region,’ says Duha AlRamadhan.

Best sellers include Shay link bracelets, Eva Fehren’s claw rings, Anita Ko’s safety pin earrings, Spinelli Kilcollin linked rings, and Marie Lichtenberg lockets. Always in the know, Aubade stocks what global tastemakers are currently wearing – counting Hailey Bieber and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley as patrons of many of the exact pieces in their carefully selected buy.

The Dubai Mall flagship spans over 1025 square feet and features a decadant private lounge. Following the success of the brand’s flagship location in Kuwait, this marks the second store in the Middle East region, anchoring a significant expansion point.

The design of The Dubai Mall space reflects Duha’s vision for the brand through its modern aesthetic and use of soft beige tones applied to travertine stone and custom glass. Velvet and metallic accents add warmth to the space, while matte finishes accentuate the jewelry collections, as do thoughtfully considered lighting nuances.

Aubade currently represents 22 designers and aims to establish itself as a trusted and renowned source in the Middle East for unique, handpicked jewelry.

Aubade Jewelry is located on the first floor of Fashion Avenue at The Dubai Mall.


Aubade Jewelry is a multi-brand, high-end fine jewelry boutique based in Kuwait and Dubai. The company was founded in 2013 by Duha AlRamadhan, and opened its doors to its first retail space in Kuwait in April 2014. Since opening, Aubade has focused on housing a carefully curated selection of upcoming and emerging jewelry designers from around the world including Anita Ko, Shay, Spinelli Kilcollin, Jacquie Aiche and many more.

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