• Publish date: Monday، 13 February 2023

Discover Scandinavian Fine Jewelry Creations by

Sophie Bille Brahe as it Launches at Aubade Boutique

Fine Jewelry brand Sophie Bille Brahe joins the world of Aubade Boutique this February, offering a range of sophisticated yet intricate jewelry creations.

Aubade is pleased to announce the launch of Sophie Billie Brahe’s minimalist creations in the Dubai boutique on 22nd of February. The creations are inspired by a Scandinavian identity and translated through impeccable craftsmanship obvious in every piece. The addition of Sophie Bille Brahe makes perfect sense for Aubade as it complements the design aesthetic Aubade eagerly wants to showcase in the region.

Sophie Bille Brahe Fine Jewelry was Founded by Danish designer Sophie Bille Brahe, who followed her childhood dream of becoming a jeweler by training as a goldsmith in Denmark followed by her master’s degree in fine Jewelry Design at the Royal College of Art in London. In 2011, she launched her label with the first collection “Croissant de Lune”, using a historic goldsmith technique, that is now a signature of the brand.

Aubade consistently seeks to bring international fine-jewelry creativity to the region, the common ground between Sophie Bille Brahe and Aubade is the vision of interpreting classic jewelry through a modern lens, with an approach to sensible wearability, designed for people who find new ways to wear jewelry.

“I feel very honored to be given the opportunity to work with Aubade as they are a known authority within the fine jewelry space in the Middle East region. It means a lot to have such a strong partner in Dubai to introduce my collections. My pieces are often a juxtaposition between timeless classics and a modern approach to fine jewelry. I selected the most delicate and sophisticated pieces such as the Collier de Tennis or the Grand Ensemble Ocean ring as I think this aesthetic really encapsulates Middle Eastern style as we know it today. I am looking forward to working with Aubade and deepening our relationship.”- Said, Sophie Bille Brahe.

Petit Croissant de Lune Earring

Petit Croissant de Lune Earring:

The collections are designed with a luxurious, contemporary, Scandinavian minimalist sensibility that is applied to classic fine jewelry motifs, with signature styles such as “The Collier de Tennis” and “Peggy” which are classic creations with a twist. Bille Brahe’s love of storytelling is expressed throughout her pieces, drawing heavenly inspirations from her background as a descendant of Tycho Brahe, a pioneering 16th-century astronomer, where the mystical nature of the night sky inspires the jewelry in both material and design purity, using leading quality diamonds to embody the stars and the finest of freshwater pearls that represent the earth’s connection to the moon.

Collier de Tennis Necklace

Collier de Tennis Necklace

“I’ve been a long-time admirer of Sophie’s jewelry collection, so I am absolutely thrilled that we finally get to launch the collection in-store. I’ve always loved the feminine and minimalistic nature of her designs; they’re the epitome of modern luxury. I’m confident the collection will resonate with our clients, who will appreciate Sophie’s attention to detail, high-quality diamonds, and beautiful finishing. I look forward to what will surely be the start of a fruitful collaboration.”- Said Duha Al Ramdahan, Founder of Aubade.

Aubade is excited to represent a unique brand that is worn by the likes of Danish royalty such as Crown Princess Mary of Denmark. Jewelry enthusiasts in the region who appreciate simplicity in intricate Fine Jewelry can now get their hands on the brand.

Aubade invites you to discover its latest addition Sophie Bille Brahe in-store starting February 22nd