Messika New High Jewelry Collection - Beyond the Light

  • Publish date: Saturday، 13 August 2022
Messika New High Jewelry Collection - Beyond the Light


The odyssey of an exceptional diamond
The House of Messika is writing a new chapter in its history with a remarkable 33-carat diamond, an extraordinary stone that illuminates the centrepiece of the 2022 High Jewelry collection. Valérie Messika dares to take on an unexpected challenge by creating Akh-Ba-Ka, a set with a design inspired by ancient Egypt, conceived in diamonds and white gold with 15 exceptional gems cut from the same rough diamond of 110 carats.

Messika Paris
In ancient Egypt, the KA translates as vital energy and BA is transformation in the flight to the afterlife. The union of these forces creates AKH, the transfiguration of a person towards the light. Thus, Akh-Ba-Ka is a transcendence, a fascinating epic of a rough diamond, and a story of transmission, family and unparalleled know-how.
Behind this fantastic odyssey hides a rough diamond of 110 carats discovered in the Lucara mine in Botswana. This exceptional gem was acquired just before the 2020 lockdown by diamond dealer, André Messika and his son Ilan, CEO of the company. From this rough diamond, a family of 15 cut stones was born, including an exceptional 33-carat diamond.

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Epic stories are often created by crossed destinies mixed with a fair amount of instinct.
In 2022, Valérie Messika wanted to forge a new step forward in High Jewelry, continuing her quest for a collection of exceptional stones. “I wanted a strong diamond as an inheritance for the house,” she explains. Inseparable from her brother Ilan, Valérie has kept a close eye on the various stages of the diamond dealer’s work with this incredible 110-carat diamond. When presented with the 33-carat diamond and the 14 other cut gems from this same rough diamond, Valérie made an unprecedented decision. She elected to acquire all 15 diamonds. A “coup de coeur and audacious gesture,” as she explains because it is rare for jewelry Houses to buy an entire family of stones.

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“I wanted to challenge myself by using the family of 15 diamonds in the same set. This is a real Jewelry challenge. Not all the stones had the same cut; some were very original with surprising more intricate shapes. But sometimes the most beautiful creations are born from the unexpected.”
Fifteen diamonds were brought together in the same creative gesture within the same set which magnifies the rebirth of this incredible 110-carat diamond. A unique and magical assembly where each diamond, like pieces of a puzzle, find their perfect place within the set, or a master score where all of the stones reverberate together in unison.

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 This collaboration with Ilan Messika also proves as a powerful statement for the designer: as a story of transmission and of protection from a sister to her brother. Valérie Messika has worked closely with her father for many years and draws great strength from her family. Through this incredible acquisition, she was able to return this energy for the first time and in turn give her brother the courage to go further in asserting his passion and his professional projects.

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As a family challenge, Akh-Ba-Ka is also a great technical challenge in terms of High Jewelry. A true masterpiece within the set, the necklace boasts 2,550 diamonds totaling 71,49 carats. Its contemporary yet progressive design reinterprets the mythical Egyptian winged scarab thanks to an ingenious combination of diamonds and faceted white gold. This gold comes entirely from the same African mine and is certified SMO (Single Mine Origin) for all of the elements.

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In the centre of this extraordinary necklace, the 33-carat diamond is inserted through a subtle play of pendants. Whilst the cushion cut of the stone offers a classic accent, Valérie Messika’s creative instinct has taken it into another dimension. The Artistic Director was able to draw the quintessence of this stone, which perfectly sublimates the body of a retro-futuristic winged scarab. This insect, sacred to the Egyptians, is a symbol of rebirth, and like a diamond, calls for eternity.
The strength of this diamond comes from its extraordinary properties: classified D for its colour and FI for its clarity. Therefore, this special stone is one of very rare purity. Its incomparable radiance makes it almost incandescent. The designer’s progressive vision was to magnify this light in a composition completely in white gold - an unexpected proposal of immaculate white against the current of classic Egyptian inspiration which naturally evoke yellow gold.

Messika Paris 07
Ever a step ahead and surprising with unexpected creations, which is the art of the House of Messika - a House that stands out for its designs and its evermore daring technical innovations by creating transformable pieces. The ingenious structure that supports the 33-carat diamond can uncouple from the necklace to transform into a brooch through modernity in advanced technology at the service of the exceptional.
Akh-Ba-Ka continues its story today and comes out of the workshops to offer itself to a new audience. This unique set of High