• Publish date: Wednesday، 09 November 2022

The Missoni Home collection is a harmonious combination, almost a play of extraordinary design, colour and fabrics. There is artistic energy in the iconic patterns, always coherent, profound and spontaneous. There is design in the versatile shapes that can be mixed and matched for infinite interpretations.

The Missoni lifestyle imprint lies in the eclectic style, in the top-quality materials, and in the jigsaw patterns of multicoloured hues. Its unrestricted design reconciles indoor & outdoor proposals, equally unmistakable and spectacular, providing comfort and performance quality.

The charisma of each item promotes creative ideas, adding charm to large and small spaces. To each and every room of the home. To homes, penthouses, gardens, places to relax. At any latitude.

Rosita Missoni, company founder and art director of the Home collection, says: “I see my home as a welcoming nest, an organized yet informal habitat where there should always be a surprise around the corner, something to arouse emotion and curiosity. Where every space is an oasis of colours and moods”.


Soft appeal. In the bright and sunny city, furnishings act like works of art to adorn generous spaces and evocative halls with iconic patterns in shades of travertine and stone. Fabrics with a light spirit and new functionality.


MISS WOOD table and chairs in solid beech wood, with charcoal grey shades for the smooth backrests and slender legs. BUCAREST outsize relief zigzag rug.

PUNTASPILLONE pouf in velvet with bouquets of flowers printed in soft hues, BIARRITZ FR. Cushions: in BASEL zigzag, in BERGERAC patterned velvet jacquard. ART GLASS coffee tables in neutral shades, on a metal base.

Soft blended hues in a zigzag pattern, BASTIA FR jacquard for the INNTIL sofas. TIMMY jacquard plaid throw. SOPHIE NEW floor lamp. Coffee tables: round ART GLASS, low wooden WIDE. BOA VISTA fringed curtains.

NAP modular sofa in appealing sky-blue relief chevron patterns, BASEL cotton velvet. HOLLY ART GLASS coffee tables in resin and glass, in sky and cloud hues.



Art and nature. The camouflage appearance of the fabrics absorbs colours from the air and open spaces. Multicolour fragments are recomposed and interwoven with kaleidoscopic effects in jacquard fabrics, on towelling and rugs.


BEVERLY multicoloured beach towel, wave-effect. BLAKE towel set with multicoloured logos. CORDULA CUOIO armchairs. VIRGOLA SOFT chaise longue, CUBO SOFT pouf and cushions upholstered in BOUGAINVILLE jacquard, modular MISTER seat composed of a pouf, armchair and cushion in the same BOUGAINVILLE double-sided jacquard, on the zigzag pattern side. BOHOL blurred stripes rug. ART GLASS coffee table in neutral shades. FRAMED MIRROR with flame-patterned fabric frame.

GRANDMA armchair with curved arms, covered in precious jacquard with relief pomegranate pattern BEKASI, as is the PONENTE screen with three shutters. BUCAREST relief zigzag rug.

MILADY small armchair upholstered in micro-flame BAKU jacquard. HIGH SCREEN bed upholstered in BERGEN fabric. Bedsheet and pillow cover set in cotton muslin with BELLA flame-print design. LONG low tables. YODA plaid throw. BUCAREST rug. BUBBLE NUDE lamps. BOA VISTA curtains.



Exotic mix. Traces and hues of colour mix and match, creating patchwork and tartan effects. A casual mix of indoor & outdoor elements that swap roles. Textile weaves and wood live together in harmony.


Multicolour weave rugs, ALABAMA OUTDOOR.

GRANDMA small armchairs with solid wood curved armrests in BARBUDA jacquard pattern. INNTIL 3-seater sofa with slotted backrest and large cushions in BONAMPAK OUTDOOR ecru jacquard. Iconic plaid throw in BRAM neutral hues.

TEKTONIK modular seats with tartan upholstering in BELMOPAN OUTDOOR jacquard. ART GLASS round coffee tables.

TIAMAT NEW, curvy sofa upholstered in soft relief fabric BARACOA, as for the sunflower yellow and terracotta cushions and pouf CUBO SOFT. BRITNEY quirky cushions with multicolour illustrated panel. HOLLY ART GLASS coffee tables.

Cube-shaped and rounded poufs in BOLIVIA OUTDOOR. CORDULA lamps with woven top. CORDULA CUOIO round seat for outdoors. HARRY GLASS outdoor tables with zigzag pattern. Multicolour weave rugs, ALABAMA OUTDOOR.

CUBO SOFT pouf covered in BELIZE OUTDOOR and print fabric BESSIE throw with same pattern. BONNIE towel set with contrasting colours wavy design.



High protection. Shelter in incredibly comfortable furnishing, with velvets and soft fabrics, before venturing outside to brave the cold. Admire the view from designer sofas and welcoming lounge chairs, wrapped in relaxing towels.


Matching set of bathrobe and towels, BRODY geometric design, BONNIE wavy pattern.

A set of Missoni iconic cotton towelling robes. From left: BUSTER, BRADELY, REX and BLAKE.

The welcoming VIRGOLA SOFT chaise longue and CUBO SOFT pouf, both for indoor/outdoor use, are in BERKLEY OUTDOOR patchwork-effect waterproof fabric in woodland hues.

YODA cinnamon plaid throw. SPOOL CEDAR wooden coffee tables.

CUBO SOFT pouf in BEAUMONT multicolour velvety fabric, BROOKLYN logo-ed cushion.


New York:

Urban zigzagging. Horizontal and vertical rhythms of city style in alternating iconic zigzags. Traditional graphic signs and witty sketches, innovative relief weaves for indoor & outdoor fabrics.


Broad stripes, for the innovative resistant BODRUM OUTDOOR fabric on VIRGOLA SOFT chaise longue and cushion. The same spirit for double-sided BATH OUTDOOR fabric of CUBO SOFT poufs. ALABAMA OUTDOOR weave rug in natural colours.

TEKTONIK system of independent seat modules with removable covers, cushions and round poufs all in BELFAST FR yarn- dyed jacquard. BARCELONA OUTDOOR striped cushions. GRANDMA armchair with solid wood curved armrests in BERN ecru jacquard. BERENICE throw with iconic macrosketch on rust-colour background. WIDE coffee table. NIRSA rug.

OZ cotton percale bedcover and pillow cases in b&w zigzag print. BELFAST FR zigzag cushions and round pouf. BENEDETTA cushion and throw in knitted b&w small geometric patterns. BRUNETTE illustrated panel cushion. Iconic mug ZIG ZAG GOLD.

MISS chairs with steel structure and fabric upholstery in different versions of BELFAST FR jacquard.

New York


Open-air. In the open sea or in the harbour, the colours of the sea sunrises and sunsets, of seabeds and cliffs, of the sand under the sun. The symphony of Missoni hues nurtures outdoor relaxation.


YUMBEL OUTDOOR sun mattress and cushions covered with striped waterproof fabric in shades of sea, sand and sky. KEW OUTDOOR cushions in iconic contrasting zigzag pattern, TONGA OUTDOOR with sunny blends of colour, and BELIZE OUTDOOR with irregular zigzag pattern. BESSIE pictorial throw with zigzag stripes in light cotton jacquard.In the cabin, zigzag cushions and bedcover in marine colours, BIRMINGHAM FR jacquard.

ADAM beach towel with coloured stripes alternating with black and white. BETTY multipurpose light towel with floral design print on linen.