Boucheron Presents Its New Spring/Summer 2022 Jewelry Collection

  • Publish date: Monday، 20 June 2022
Boucheron Presents Its New Spring/Summer 2022 Jewelry Collection

Boucheron presents its newest Quatre designs, playing with different shades of glittering gold, and celebrating color and optimism with its Spring Colors campaign.

Boucheron’s Quatre collection 04

The featured campaign is created by to showcase how the iconic pieces can be styled into every day’s wardrobe.

Boucheron’s Quatre collection 03

Classic, contemporary, and iconic, Boucheron’s Quatre collection is elegantly designed and reimagined since 2004. With its four bands comprising its signature codes of the Grograin, the line of diamonds, the Clou de Paris and the Double Godron, the collection may be worn anywhere, in any combination.

Boucheron’s Quatre collection 02

From rings to bracelets, to pendants to earrings, the collection unleashes the creativity of the wearer.

Boucheron’s Quatre collection 01

Boucheron’s Quatre collection introduces new colors such as the color blue, which brings a touch of freshness and modernity to the collection.

Boucheron’s Quatre collection

It echoes denim, a classic that is constantly reinvented, and the white of the ceramic brings a touch of purity and elegance.

Quatre collections

Created by Frederic Boucheron in 1858, the Boucheron style, free and audacious, continues to create the classics of tomorrow.