Dolce&Gabbana; Women's Fall Winter 2023 Fashion show Assets

  • Publish date: Tuesday، 28 February 2023
Dolce&Gabbana; Women's Fall Winter 2023 Fashion show Assets

Relating to the senses, and connected to the pleasure they provide. Sensual is the Collection designed by Dolce&Gabbana for Winter 2024.

Sensuality is an important aspect of femininity that has nothing to do with being sexy.

The latter term, occasionally misused, is not to be confused with a woman’s true sensuality. Sensuality is intrinsically connected to an inner experience that makes women spontaneous and natural. Free of any fabrication.

Beauty is not enough to be sensual, but charisma is essential. Dresses in lace, tulle and chiffon cares the body and design the shape. Their intangible transparencies unveil an inner sensuality.

Conversely, double wools, combed and carded, are used to protect sensuality through the perfect cut of tailored jackets and coats. Sometimes the clothes themselves are embellished with blackcrystals.

Black is the dominant colour of the season.

Gold and silver create an aura that amplifies the sensuality of women who wear them. A touch of white brightens the clothing. Red celebrates the true meaning of sensuality; it represents instinctive passion, deep and unconditional love.