Interview with Piercing Pioneer and Jewelry Designer Maria Tash

  • Publish date: Monday، 23 January 2023
Interview with Piercing Pioneer and Jewelry Designer Maria Tash
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Taking Over the World One “Curated Ear” at a Time

In the world of piecing and fine jewelry, no one does it quite like Maria Tash. The pioneer and ultimate cool-girl revolutionized the world of ear piercing and jewelry since launching her New York-based luxury piercing and jewelry brand in the 90s. We know rocking multiple piercings is nothing new, but through her artfully stacked mix of piercing styles and jewelry selection, Maria Tash has found a way to take this concept to a luxury level we can’t help but connect with. Drawing in a cult following of celebrity clients from the likes of Rihanna, Blake Lively, and Jennifer Lawrence, Tash has become the go-to name for gorgeously stacked ear piercing aesthetic.

In this exclusive, she reveals her sources of inspiration, her biggest accomplishments, her global brand expansion and her latest arrival to the Middle East, the diverse and timeless impact of her piercings and designs on their wearers, and more.