One Shot with Fahad Al Marzook

  • Publish date: Friday، 17 September 2021
One Shot with Fahad Al Marzook

In this week’s One Shot interview, we decided to surprise the young Kuwaiti designer owner of Marzook trademark, Fahad Al Marzook.

Fahad Al Marzook began his fashion and design career when he designed a set of outfits for his family and close friends. Today, he is famous in the fashion and clothing industry. His fashion line combines the oriental charm with the Western civilization, and attracts many fashion enthusiasts and manufacturers.

We notice how much Fahad and his sister Shawq cherish the circular lines as apparent in Marzook’s special bags collection and Marzook trademark logo. To the siblings, a circuit represents eternity, connection and the circuit of life.

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Watch this video interview with Fahad Al Marzook, and get to meet him like you never did before.