Tiara Dream Exhibition Riyadh

  • Publish date: Tuesday، 29 March 2022
Tiara Dream Exhibition Riyadh

Maison Chaumet welcomes its guests to celebrate the opening of its

first-ever patrimonial exhibition in the Middle-East

On March 15, 2022, Maison Chaumet presented Tiara Dream Exhibition at King Fahad National Library in Riyadh.

The guests of the Maison were invited to discover a unique sensory and emotional experience uncovering the tiara, a jewel of dreams and emblem of the Maison. A symbol of power and prestige in the past as today, a precious fashion accessory simultaneously linked to eternity and love, the different dimensions of this exceptional jewel are explored through a succession of unique experiences. A series of timeless moments where dreams come to life in a scenography that mixes the real and the imaginary: the most beautiful historical and contemporary Chaumet pieces meeting immersive installations.

The history of Chaumet has been entwined with the History of France ever since its founding in 1780, in Paris. The High Jewellery savoir-faire of the Maison has been passed down through generations of jewellers for almost 240 years and chosen to become the official jeweller to Empress Josephine.

Tiara Dream Riyadh reveals to its visitors a cultural dialogue between the French Savoir-Faire of the jewelry house and the Saudi cultural heritage. From the sword of Napoleon to its signification in the Saudi culture, to the elements of the sky as a common source of inspiration to express beauty in jewellery and Saudi literature and poetry, Maison Chaumet explores new bridges between cultures.

Chaumet creations of yesteryear and today also speak the language of the heart through poetic motifs and symbolizes the crowning of love. Inspired by a blend of the imperial style of fashion icon and woman of power Empress Josephine and the structure of the Najdi costume from Her Highness Princess Noura bint Abdul Rahman Al Saud, Saudi designer Honayda Saleh Serafi commissioned for Maison Chaumet a unique bridal gown inviting everyone to partake in the dream of getting married in a tiara.

Part of the Ministry of Culture, Tiara Dream Riyadh opening dinner took place at King Fahad National Library, a major cultural landmark and urban symbol of development in the centre of Riyadh.