Charah Studio embodies heritage and empowerment through her designs

  • Publish date: Tuesday، 01 June 2021 Last update: Wednesday، 14 September 2022
Charah Studio embodies heritage and empowerment through her designs
Written by- Nora Alswaiti

photographer- khaled Al-Qattan

Location- The Hub Gallery

Looking at Charah Studio’s visually-appealing Instagram feed and beautiful caftan designs, it comes as no surprise that the founder Maryam Al Sharrah  managed to create regional recognition and appreciation by high-end department stores like Harvey Nichols Riyadh and Kuwait.  Founded in 2019, Charah Studio is a Kuwait-based brand that focuses on designing beach coverups, loungewear, and caftans with the most intricate details.’s team had the pleasure to interview founder Maryam Al Sharrah and got to know more about the brand.

1.Tell us how the idea of Charah Studio came about?

I’ve always admired fashion and appreciated quality from a young age, paying special attention to detail. When I moved back to Kuwait in 2007 I had to go caftan shopping and none of the ones I found met my expectations which led me to design my own creation. After several years of building a loyal client base, we rebranded in 2019 to Charah Studio to showcase the new direction our brand was moving toward. The same love and attention to detail is evident in every thread of our collection.

2.You described your brand on your Instagram bio as “for the mindfully cognizant”, can you please elaborate?

We support power and self-discovery for our customers. Our brand is focused on being socially aware of cultural heritage and less focused on fleeting trends. Elegance is timeless, it supersedes the modern pace of fashion, and we promote classic pieces that look effortless and chic.

3.Where do you draw your inspiration from?

We derive inspiration from how we want our women to feel. We inspire our designs to offer an electric, feminine authority and strength to the wearer. It’s empowering, without steamrolling over heritage. It’s a subtle rise to the top, a soft rumble felt beneath one’s feet, a welcome expansion that bridges worlds.

4.What have been your highlights from establishing and growing Charah Studio?

We have managed to achieve several milestones, but our most notable one has been the support of our loyal customers. We regularly receive feedback on how clients wear our designs for their special occasions and we’re glad to be part of their joyous events. Charah Studio has attracted international recognition which has been flattering. A recent highlight has been the launch of the website to make shopping easier and more accessible for all our clients.

5.Tell us about your experience of managing your brand during the pandemic.

The pandemic was a challenging time for everyone, and our primary focus was on the humans behind the brand. It was vital for us to support our staff during the pandemic. We continued to pay salaries, despite the complete stop of production, and ensured that the team and their families were safe and healthy. When the lockdown was lifted, we reached out to local designers and gave them a helping hand, having our studio produce pieces for them.

6.What’s next for Charah Studio?

We hope to continue expanding our global reach. We make a conscious decision to be selective about who represents us. Our website delivers internationally but we are also interested in collaborating with discerning stockists. We’ve introduced a resort line, with dresses, beach coverups, hats and bags. We’re also currently designing ready-to-wear dresses to wear year-long for the women that want the Charah Studio style all year round.

7.If you could pick anyone to dress, who would it be? And why?

Charah Studio wants to dress all Arab women. We want to be a part of empowering Arab women and make them feel their best in every aspect of their lives.