ICONICA COLLECTION 2022 from Pomellato for Mother's day

  • Publish date: Thursday، 17 March 2022
ICONICA COLLECTION 2022 from Pomellato for Mother's day
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Pomellato brings its passion for colour to the gold Iconica collection just in time for Mother’s Day.

The Iconica double-band rings and earrings are simple yet deeply symbolic, eloquently expressing the power of two in a very Pomellato way. Now, with the addition of vibrant sapphires, emeralds, rubies and diamonds, the language of love has a richer vocabulary, making Iconica the ideal Mother’s Day gift.

Iconica is one of Pomellato’s standout designs. Its audacious and sinuous forms highlight the house’s rich heritage of outstanding craftsmanship and its mastery of all-gold jewels. Steeped in tradition yet bold and contemporary, Iconica’s refined volumes are the hallmark of the brand’s style. Today Pomellato invigorates Iconica with its unstoppable love of colour.

The double rings showcase Milanese understated elegance at its best. Two round gold coils are united by a flat transversal link: two perfect and pure forms are forever bound together to create a greater whole.  Pomellato has chosen the gemstones most associated with love that speak straight to the heart. For some, sapphires evoke the purity of everlasting love and rubies the fire of passion. The soothing green of emeralds promises hope and peace while the timeless diamond is the eternal messenger of unity.

The white gold rings are available with either blue sapphires or diamonds and the rose gold ones are offered with emeralds or rubies. Double loop earrings in the same gold and gemstone combinations match the rings.

With its timeless sophistication and new attractive hues, Iconica offers a meaningful gift for Mother’s Day and for every day, forever.