Pomellato celebrates the restoration of the Epistle Ambo

  • Publish date: Thursday، 06 October 2022
Pomellato celebrates the restoration of the Epistle Ambo

September 2022 – Pomellato renews its special bond with Venice by funding the restoration of the Epistle Ambo – or pulpit - at St. Mark's Basilica that is being carried out by Venetian Heritage, the international non-profit organisation. The important restoration project is celebrated with the creation of a capsule collection of Iconica rings that pay tribute to Venice’s extraordinary artistic legacy. The two versions of the rings are only available at Pomellato’s Venice boutique, located on 2031 Calle Larga XXII Marzo.

Restoration of the Epistle Ambo in Saint Mark’s Basilica

The ambo is made of spectacular red porphyry, a stone that according to Byzantine tradition was reserved for emperors. Second only to the main altar, the ambo is a particularly important structure within the building that until 1797 was the ancient Doge’s Chapel. It was from this ambo that the Doge addressed the Venetians and attended services at the Basilica.

The disastrously high tide that hit Venice in 2019 seriously damaged the entire flooring of the Basilica and also weakened the ground below the Epistle Ambo. According to expert assessments, restoration work had to be undertaken without delay as the ambo, which was already in a precarious condition, had suffered a further worrying slide towards the transept. Restoration work, which began in March 2022, will be completed by the end of the year.

Sabina Belli, CEO of Pomellato Group says: «Restoration of the Epistle Ambo at St. Mark's Basilica is a significant project for Venice that makes me immensely proud, and is testament, once again, to Pomellato's focus on the conservation and promotion of the cultural heritage of this wonderful city. Pomellato and Venetian Heritage share not only a love of art, but also a commitment to safeguarding artisanal excellence, essential for the continued preservation of the genius and authenticity of Made in Italy».

Toto Bergamo Rossi, Director of Venetian Heritage, states: «The partnership with Pomellato began when Venetian Heritage launched the fundraiser #supportvenice to meet the challenge of the damage caused by the exceptional high tide that hit Venice in November 2019. Thanks to a generous donation, it was possible to immediately restore the Doge Francesco Morosini monument in the church of Saint Stephen. Today, we are pleased to present the restoration of the Epistle Ambo at the Basilica that has also been a rich source of inspiration for Pomellato. I am confident the partnership between Pomellato and Venetian Heritage will continue over time supporting projects that will represent a commitment to Venice’s artistic history and its centuries-old arts and crafts».

A partnership in the name of art and craftsmanship

The unique workmanship of ancient, precious artefacts owe their survival to the savoir-faire of highly skilled craftsmen. Today the Fabbriceria di San Marco (the trustees of Saint Mark’s Basilica) is responsible for the maintenance to excellent standards of over 8,000m2 of mosaics and 500 marble columns. Similarly the creation of Pomellato jewellery is entrusted to the skills of one hundred artisans who work at Casa Pomellato. These men and women are guardians of a legacy of know-how, preciously preserved that enables the discovery of innovative designs, the creation of alloys unique to the house and the forging of gold and setting of precious stones in Pomellato's unmistakable style.

The Iconica Venezia capsule collection

The ageless simplicity of the Iconica rings is the perfect stage on which Pomellato pays homage to the wealth of Venice’s artistic tradition. The rings are presented in two versions, one in rose gold with red porphyry and garnet and the other also in rose gold with green porphyry and green tourmaline. The Iconica Venezia rings perfectly capture ancient artistic design cues, such as the irregularity of the cut of the stones and their bezels that are fused into a classic design rooted in Pomellato’s Milanese goldsmithing traditions. The Iconica Venezia rings will be produced as a limited edition.

Vincenzo Castaldo, Creative Director of Pomellato, comments: «The Iconica Venezia collection celebrates the timeless beauty of St. Mark's Basilica by translating it into Pomellato's very own language. When you enter the Basilica, you have the sensation you are walking on a carpet. The slight irregularities revealed on the floor in the mosaic composition and geometries, the small deliberately inaccurate elements, the variations in the shades of marble and the timeworn details all perfectly match up with the unmistakable experience of handmade jewellery that is Pomellato's signature. The variety of cuts and colours of the 1,900 gems of the Pala d 'Oro altarpiece that are combined and composed in an unconventional harmonious array, are the inspiration for the new Iconica rings, opening a surprising exchange between past, present and future».

Pomellato | The first global luxury Italian fashion fine jeweler. Unconventional, colorful. Caring for Women, the New Ethical in Precious.

Working towards a more eco-conscious future, Pomellato has now achieved 100% responsible gold purchasing. Established in Milan in 1967, Pomellato was the first brand to introduce the prêt-à-porter vision into the world of jewelry. Crafted by the hands of expert goldsmiths, Pomellato stands out for its unique design and colorful gems which through innovative stone cutting and setting techniques have come to define an unmistakable and iconic style. Pomellato is part of Kering, a global Luxury group, managing the development of a series of renowned Houses in Fashion, Leather Goods, Jewelry, and Watches.

Pomellato, an environmentally-conscious approach to jewel-creation.

Pomellato has increased Fairmined gold purchases as well to create a special collection and continues to invest in the traceability of colored stones and diamonds while exploring new materials and recycling solutions. Meanwhile, it collaborates with a Milan-based goldsmith school to safeguard consistency and craftsmanship. Through initiatives and advocacy, Pomellato continues to reinforce the importance of sustainability, an Earth-conscious community, female education and career growth, and a global well-being that promotes a healthier work-life balance. | www.pomellato.com

Venetian Heritage

Venetian Heritage, an international non-profit organization with offices in Venice and New York, supports cultural projects through conservation, exhibitions, publications, conferences, academic study, and research. Its aim is to increase awareness of the immense legacy of Venetian art in Italy and in those areas once part of the Republic of Venice.