• Publish date: Monday، 31 October 2022

The unique and immersive experience at the Aseel Resort featured a dramatic hologram show

Tory Burch LLC hosted a unique event at the Aseel Resort in Riyadh on Sunday evening, the culminating moment in a month of activations from New York and Las Vegas to London and Paris as part of the brand’s  “All I See is T” campaign created in celebration of the brand’s iconic T Monogram, a classic pattern inspired by traditional quilting. Guests -- including Lama Akeel, Fatema Awadhi, Norah Aleisa, Reem Alswaidi and more -- were treated to an immersive digital experience and, in a first for the brand, a spectacular hologram show.

The Aseel Resort was a fitting setting for the occasion; it is designed to reflect the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s distinctive traditions and artistry, just as the T Monogram speaks to the brand’s heritage and its embrace of timeless design.

After arriving at the venue, guests sipped speciality coffees and listened to music from local DJ, DJ Leen.  In a photo booth with an infinity mirror effect, they were invited to interact with the T Monogram pattern and receive pictures in a digital format for sharing on social media. As the light faded, a series of 3D hologram projections lit up the night, creating a celestial iteration of the New York City skyline and the Riyadh skyline before morphing into the T Monogram pattern and logo and concluding with a special message -- Tory Burch ♡ Riyadh.

  • Lama Akeel wore the English Mohair Pant, the Poplin Wrap Shirt, and the T Monogram Bucket Bag
  • Reem Alswaidi wore the Plaited Rib Shawl Cardigan, the Mohair Ballet Skirt, and the Eleanor Bag
  • Fatema Awadhi wore the Poplin Wrap Shirt, the Wool Pant, and the T Monogram Bucket Bag
  • DJ Leen wore the Knit Quarter Zip and the Classic Denim Jean