Selma Benomar designs a pleasantly accurate collection of kaftans

  • Publish date: Sunday، 13 March 2022
Selma Benomar designs a pleasantly accurate collection of kaftans
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The Holy Month of Ramadan will be cooler this year and wherever the weather takes us, fashion has already followed as kaftan guru Selma Benomar proactively conjures up twenty different intricate designs for this season, altering the identity of the usual attire from dark and heavy to warm and light.

Inspired by nature, the designs are embroidered in flowery detail and sprinkled with beads and Swarovski crystals, to add a shimmer of elegance to the kaftan without overpowering the atmosphere.

And whether it’s an Iftar, Suhoor or Eid, Selma’s dynamic collection offers a variety of designs which embody the atmosphere and provide the perfect harmony between the woman, her kaftan and the environment.

Each design boasts a unique belt encompassing the spirit of the piece, shapeshifting from an elegant handmade Moroccan belt in the shape of a cord for the more casual Ramadan nights, to a more detailed yet subtle belt with embroidery and crystals, for the celebratory Eid nights.

To maintain the flowery nature of the collection, Selma turns to pastels, showering her designs with combinations of pastel yellows, blues, greens and ensuring that each design is unique in its way of bringing out the hint of Spring in this year’s holy month.

More unique than that are the fabrics that Selma trusted to use to bring her vision to life, a collaboration of Crêpe silk, Lamé silk and French lace fabrics which are harnessed exclusively from Italy and France to give this collection its lightness of being.

The witty use of Lamé silk to add a glow to the design without adding to its weight shows that Selma Benomar continues to design her kaftans while taking into consideration what women would need, but this time and before the people knew of their needs, Selma combined the elegance of Ramadan and the lightness of Spring to create her Ramadan collection of 2022.