Maveroc x Dana Malhas Special Capsule Collection Launch

  • Publish date: Sunday، 11 December 2022
Maveroc x Dana Malhas Special Capsule Collection Launch

Maveroc, the UAE born fine jewelry brand, is proud to announce a collaboration with friend of the house and luxury content creator Dana Malhas. Together Maveroc and Dana created a capsule collection that will be available to shop starting December 7th for a limited time only.

For Dana’s first collaboration with Maveroc, she worked closely with the brand’s creative director Rita Chraibi on a limited edition capsule collection which includes two new reversible chokers and two new three lines Ménage à Trois chokers from the brand’s signature Whatever collection.

The Whatever choker was Dana’s first crush from Maveroc. She wanted to work on a new reversible version, using her color palette, that is made to be worn front to back and back to front to match Dana’s effortlessly chic style.

“Dana is renowned for her trendy and elegant style, she represents what Maveroc is all about, a bold, avant-garde and unexpected approach to style and jewelry rooted in sophisticated simplicity. Dana is a Maveroc woman in all regards.” – Rita Chraibi, Maveroc Co-Founder

Dana also co-designed two new Ménage à Trois chokers to match the brand’s famous Ménage à Trois rings. The first one features vibrant colors and the second is a timeless piece showcasing diamonds and emeralds set in yellow gold – all Dana’s favorites. To top it off, she worked on a limited-edition ear stack to match her chokers ranging from the brands’ Five Hoop and Triple Hoop Diamond Drops to the Whatever single hoops and ear climbers.

“The collection reflects me and who I am very well. It represents me in the most accurate way. Someone who loves colors, femininity and elegance at the same time. Someone who loves versatile pieces that can be styled in different ways and at different times.” – Dana Malhas

Known for its rebellious and novel approach to jewelry, Maveroc has an extensive offering spread over 6 different collections, including the very colorful Whatever collection made to be stacked and worn day to night, the To Serve & Protect collection, a contemporary Maveroc spin on traditional amulet designs, the Half Half collection, which defies the rules of jewelry by breaking each piece down the middle for unlimited stacking combinations, the Dial-up collection, which features a sophisticated mechanism that can reveal a secret message, and the Crossroads collection, a simple yet sophisticated take on timeless elegance.

The new Maveroc x Dana Malhas product releases are available for sale for a limited time starting December 7th on and will be showcased during a pop-up at Le Guépard in Aserkal Avenue on Friday December 9th.