Exclusive Interview with the Jewelry Designer Fawaz de Grisogono

  • Publish date: Monday، 29 November 2021 Last update: Tuesday، 30 November 2021
Exclusive Interview with the Jewelry Designer Fawaz de Grisogono

“Making jewelry started as a joke (…) today, it is an international reality”

No jewelry can look more appealing than those designed by Grisogono; a dedicated jewelry designer with extraordinary talent.

Every piece of his jewelry tells a tale of innovation like no other. We are surprised of the prolific ideas embodied in every collection he makes.

3oud.com had the opportunity to interview Fawaz de Grisogono during his visit to Kuwait to launch his new jewelry collection. We asked him about his beginnings, the secret to his creativity and other questions:

How did you venture into the world of jewelry making? What pushed you into this world?

I began my career 21 years ago when I had the chance to work for the famous French trademark Gateau. At the time, I did not know anything about jewelry design. At first, the decision to design jewelry started as a joke. Today, this joke became an international reality.

 Why did you choose the jewelry industry in particular?

I married when I was 17 years old and had children, but my family was not happy with what I accomplished. They gave money for 6 months to take care of my family. I was very worried and scared. Luckily, my first job was at a jewelry store in Florence.

How do you begin when designing a new collection, or from where do you begin?

I do not think in a traditional way, like other designers. I never sat at my desk and thought how do I start to draw. Everything around me, the different shapes and sizes, would inspire me at any place or time.

Who is your source of inspiration?

Any bold woman with a different, strong personality, and unusual visage or personality. I do not care if she is thin or fat, from a specific country, white or brunette, with a black or colored hair. All of that is not of my concern.

What are your favorite methods and gems to use when making jewelry?

Everything we manufacture and produce with. We are the only jewelry makers who make hot cotoure jewelry from the largest and smallest materials. It is what distinguishes us from the rest.

Which celebrity do you hope they wear your jewelry?

Any stylish lady. I do not prefer one over the other, so none would be mad at me.

Do you have any piece that you like more than other pieces in your collection?

Yes, I have. I did not design or make it yet. It is in my mind, and it is my favorite so far.

What advice would you give to the next generation of jewelry designers?

I advise them to challenge themselves, work hard to accomplish their dream and not repeat or copy anyone else’s designs. They should not fear to take this step. We all succeeded after failing. They should believe in themselves.