ALHULI Creative Jewelry

  • Publish date: Sunday، 16 October 2022
ALHULI Creative Jewelry

Celebrating 30 years of supporting culture, crafts and creativity.

This support continues through three exhibitions for top makers and shapers in Kuwait in the field of:

٠Creative fashion 

٠Creative jewelry 

٠Creative furniture design

ALHULI Creative Jewelry 

Date: October 22-24, 2022 

Exhibition: 7 Kuwaiti jewelry designers, each of whom will implement a distinctive piece inspired by AlSadu with its meanings and colors, with an exclusive design especially made for this celebratory exhibition. 

Venue: Sadu House

Exhibition theme: Nautical themed experience-based exhibition is accompanied by a fusion of traditional maritime music.

Chairpersons Word

The AlSadu Society was established in 1991 as a weaving craft cooperative, concerned with safeguarding Kuwait’s textile heritage, its related craftsmanship as well as honoring the fine skills and manual dexterity of the women weavers that carried it forward from generation to generation over the years.  

‏This special 30th anniversary celebrates the thirty years of Al Sadu Society's work in preserving these traditions and transferring them towards new contemporary horizons that have enriched the cultural identity and contemporary creative expression.

‏Thirty years of documenting the techniques and artistic skills and their transmission through serious instruction and educational programs to young students and future generations.

Thirty years of encouraging youth to crafts and innovation in the field of weaving and weaving traditions.

Thirty years in highlighting Kuwaiti cultural heritage and spreading the awareness of it locally, regionally and globally. In 2020, the art of Sadu was selected on the UNESCO Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage.

"Together we work, together we celebrate"

Bibi Duaij J AlSabah

Chairperson AlSadu Society

November 2021