• Publish date: Tuesday، 21 December 2021
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Fashion and Art meet in a proud celebration of Italian excellence

If you’re on the lookout for something over-the-top fabulous and impeccably designed to celebrate the festive season, you’re in for a treat with Italian brand GENNY’s Fall/Winter 2021 collection.

From jewel-tone lamé to romantic silhouettes, Genny’s Creative Director, Sara Cavazza Facchini creates a collection that is equal parts chic and elegant.

Designed for the empowered, independent and sophisticated women, the collection evokes timeless elegance. The Collection fuses Italian craftsmanship with urban aesthetic. The collection’s prints, floral decors and the butterflies’ delicate femininity were inspired by the classic upholstery fabrics and porcelain tea sets of London’s private member clubs, such as Annabel’s.

Aiming to bring new life to one of the most prestigious sites of Italian Art, closed to the public for too many months, Genny creative director Sara Cavazza stages an ensemble of creativity and elegance, where Italian craftsmanship meets a cosmopolitan aesthetic.

The brand’s continuous commitment towards sustainability reflects in the use of an apple-based vegan leather crafted for the new logo Business Bag, as well as for envelope styles.

Chic and sensual, the collections exudes a playful and ironic attitude, epitomized by a range of chain necklaces showing tiny 3D strawberry charms.