• Publish date: Friday، 24 February 2023

Milan, February 23rd 2023 – For Fall/Winter 2023 collection titled “The Thin Noir Line”, Creative Director Sara Cavazza Facchini narrates a story of a female Italian comic character; Eva Kant who has an unbreakable charm, reading the Gazette De Clerville during breakfast where she discovers that the Genny FW 2023-24 show taking place in Milan. Kant discovers that creative director Sara Cavazza has flown in a rare specimen of a Black Orchid, the symbolic flower of her Maison from Thailand.

Intrigued by this, Eva Kant is on a mission to have the flower, she gets herself invited to the show wearing an iconic Genny garment, the blockchain sheath dress. The story continues, when Eva Kant is introduced to Sara Cavazza during the show and an instant feminine, harmonious, energy occurs between the two. Kant understands that the flower has a deeper meaning, symbolizing the mystery of feminine beauty, Cavazza ends up gifting Eva Kant the Black Orchid in celebration of her timeless noir charm.

The Fall/Winter 2023 collection focuses on the female silhouette as it transitions and transforms, the inspiration behind the collection is the journey of the night as it transforms from shades of black into colors, and then comes to light – the optical white of Genny. The iconic Orchid flower makes its debut in this collection as a celebratory reference to the allure and beauty of the iconic Eva Kant character, and a tribute to her story of refined freedom.

At the heart of this collection is the versatility and dynamism of elegance that Cavazza applies to the identity of the clothes. Garments such as dresses, sheath dresses, suits, and jackets are highlighted creatively in their geometric asymmetries, reflecting a vision of eclecticism. Fusing archival Genny elements with new style codes, the “X” silhouette that was once used as a transparent porthole and a precious joint that outlines the body, has transformed itself into an “S” shaped obi belt designed to work on a hyper-feminine body, with zips as hinge elements that create endless dressing opportunities.