• Publish date: Sunday، 23 October 2022

Maveroc, a Dubai-based brand founded by Rita Chraibi and Ibrahim Lamrini, launches its e-commerce platform of premium fine jewelry on October 20th, 2022.

Showcasing six original edgy and colorful jewelry collections that can be stacked, flipped, mixed and matched to suit every mood. Some pieces feature sophisticated mechanisms that reveal – or hide – secret messages.

Designed in-house under the watchful eye of Creative Director Rita, pieces are crafted by highly-skilled artisan jewelers using both traditional and modern techniques and processes. 18k gold, high quality diamonds, AAA-graded precious stones and a rainbow of semi-precious stones feature in the pieces.

Frequent drops add exciting, new pieces to the mix and generate a buzz of anticipation as to what’s coming next.

“Jewelry is a powerful medium for self-expression; we design and create with the intention to encourage, inspire and celebrate individuality. Our jewelry designs allow people to choose a piece that resonates with their story.” – Rita Chraibi, Co-Founder

Ibrahim Lamrini and Rita Chraibi, previously executives at Goldman Sachs and Google respectively, also aim to disrupt the industry status-quo by bringing a fresh perspective to the fine jewelry world.

“We are a digital-first jewelry brand. The convenience of an e-commerce platform means we can be more responsive, really elevate the customer experience and address consumer behaviors that have significantly evolved over the last few years. We currently deliver in 14 markets and see tremendous growth opportunities across the GCC and beyond.” – Ibrahim Lamrini, Co- Founder

The brand is available on

About Maveroc

Maveroc was founded in 2022 by couple Ibrahim Lamrini and Rita Chraibi. Ibrahim previously worked as an investment banker and Rita founded a successful jewelry brand in Morocco before they decided to join forces and bring a fresh perspective to the market with the idea of creating avant-garde jewelry by combining Ibrahim’s passion for mechanisms and Rita’s love for colors and symbolism.