Tanagra Continues 40th Anniversary Celebrations by Welcoming VENINI

  • Publish date: Thursday، 14 October 2021
Tanagra Continues 40th Anniversary Celebrations by Welcoming VENINI

Keeping in line with Tanagra’s futuristic and creative vision towards a Tanagra Reimaged, Tanagra is proud to announce the addition of a new brand under its preexisting portfolio of international brands.

As an ode to excellence in transforming home décor into a journey of self-expression, Tanagra now welcomes VENINI as part of its family – an artisan brand born 100 years ago, from the finest Italian craftsmanship.

For more than a century, the best master glassmakers and artists have met at the Fornace (Kiln) founded by Paolo Venini, giving life to a story of excellence and innovation that started in Italy and later spread all over the world. "In the course of these one hundred years of history and passion, VENINI has preserved and interpreted a unique artistic heritage that has its origins in the 13th-century Venetian culture, creating distinctive works that combine the profound knowledge of tradition with the allure of contemporary tastes” – Silvia Damiani President of VENINI and Vice President of Gruppo DAMIANI.

Since its foundation, the master glassmakers have always been the heart and soul of the glassworks and the guardians of its memory.

Their core strength: there are no schools in the world of glassmaking, only teachings handed down by word of mouth, gestures, and movements. The noble craftsmen dedicate much of their lives to the glass art and perfecting their skills. The techniques they use express the rational backbone of their work and the set of rules that make it possible to transform an idea or drawing into reality. 

For a sweet end to the 40th Anniversary, Tanagra presents products from VENINI that will enchant customers with a flurry of bright and unique collector items.