• Publish date: Tuesday، 21 March 2023

Renowned Singer Balqees Fathi is the new Valentino DI.VA. from United Arab Emirates. Pierpaolo Piccioli continues his quest of authenticity, inclusivity, and individuality, by scouting personas, men and women, who embody the Maison values. From cinema, music, literature to sports, each DI.VA. plays a key role in sustaining the new vision gaining diversity by uniting together. The contemporary Valentino DI.VA. is a multifaceted character of codes, upheld by inner values. Empathetic, intelligent, and romantic. The DI.VAs narrate a playbook of principles, intertwined with aspirations.

Balqees keeps on pushing the boundaries of the music industry and pioneering forward as a female force to be reckoned with. She is a bold, rebellious, and independent woman, whose music is different and liberal. Valentino empowers local values through international personas that embody the vision of the Creative Director. A celebration of diversity and individuality, a challenge to embrace unbridled self-expression in the quest for truth. Truth is a constant search that requires radical self-expression and has no room for compromise.

Being a Valentino DI.VA. for me means being part of a community that shares my same values. I am a singer and music to me is freedom, empathy, and euphoria … It’s simply life. Today, I learned how to live love and with every Valentino piece I wear, I feel liberated and in unconditional love with myself …” - Balqees Pierpaolo Piccioli continues his conscious and progressive way of making culture by creating an authentic relationship with DI.VAs, becoming a real cultural comeback.