Tanagra Announce the Addition of Fornasetti to its Portfolio of Brands

  • Publish date: Monday، 08 November 2021
Tanagra Announce the Addition of Fornasetti to its Portfolio of Brands

Following a move towards a futuristic and creative “Tanagra Reimagined”, the brand is proud to announce the addition of another exceptional brand that is embedded in heritage, art, and timeless creativity. Perfectly in line with Tanagra’s mission to have an offering for all, Tanagra welcomes Fornasetti under its unparalleled brand portfolio.

Piero Fornasetti founded the Fornasetti Atelier in 1940 in Milan as an artist's atelier. Today it is an artistic design company, an example of Italian excellence in the creation of hand-decorated furniture and home accessories.

Since 1988 Barnaba Fornasetti, Piero’s son, faithfully preserves and develops his father's heritage, continually renewing its extraordinary visual language.

Fornasetti creations have the power to transform an ordinary object by elevating it to multiples of art. It is encompassed with elements that combine function and creativity, messengers of a timeless aesthetic that enriches life's moments, and spaces with wonder and irony.

In this place where art meets design, timeless creations come to life, ready to inspire the imagination. Precious porcelain, refined furniture and home accessories illustrate the Atelier's creativity. The decorations play with shapes and turn everyday objects into artistic revelations. The world of Fornasetti floats between imagination and reality, enriched by cultural references and artistic allusions. Therefore, a Fornasetti object is not simply something to possess, it is something to live and be inspired by.

From the outset, expert craftsmanship has been a core aspect of the Fornasetti identity:

the colour applied by the painters, using methods and models rooted in tradition, and the manual production techniques handed down across generations, make each object a unique piece of art. Even two objects with the same decoration will never be completely identical.

Timed ideally with Tanagra’s end to its 40th year anniversary, the new brand will add a unique product line that the region has been longing for. Fornasetti furniture, accessories and table décor is only available in Tanagra stores in the Middle East. Stay tuned and become immersed in one-of-a-kind pieces that are sure to add flavor to your home.

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