New From MDO SKIN- The Facial Cryo Tool and Hyaluronic Eye Cream

  • Publish date: Sunday، 20 November 2022
New From MDO SKIN- The Facial Cryo Tool and Hyaluronic Eye Cream

Introducing the new MDO Facial Cryo Lift

As a leading cosmetic doctor for Hollywood’s A-listers,

Simon Ourian M.D. is excited to share a new, at-home cryotherapy tool he created to increase circulation and firm facial muscles with an innovative dual-design.

Originally created for Simon Ourian M.D.'s clients to speed up recovery time and maximize results from in-office facial procedures and injectables.

This uniquely designed dual model features a flat side

(ideal for post facial procedures) to contour, sculpt, lift, and soothe the jawline and cheeks, and depuff skin under the eyes, and a round side to massage the skin to promote lymphatic drainage and blood circulation throughout the entire face. 

Introducing the new MDO Hyaluronic Eye Cream

As the eye area is the number one treatment request that Simon Ourian M.D receives at his Beverly Hills Clinic it was essential for him to develop the first MDO eye care.  After a year and a half in development the new MDO’s Hyaluronic Eye Cream is an effective and rich care specially developed for the sensitive area around the eyes.

A powerful complex of oils and hyaluronic acids build-up skin volume to smoothen fines lines and wrinkles, reduce the appearance of dark circles, and provide an intensive hydration.

The formula includes a proprietary Compound modified with Linoleich acid resulting in a highly effective anti-pigmentation agent that reduces the melanin content and therefore dark spots

The Hyaluronic Eye Cream when paired with the new Facial Cryo Lift tools, is an extremely powerful duo to treat the eye area.

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