The Secret of Schiaparelli

  • Publish date: Wednesday، 08 June 2022
The Secret of Schiaparelli

“The name had to begin with an ‘S’, this being one of my superstitions.”

Elsa Schiaparelli (Shocking Life)

Schiaparelli reveals its Secret that will carry all women’s secrets. It is the very first time the Maison located 21 place Vendôme creates a handbag. From the heart of the couture house calling for the highest craftsmanship, the best materials and its ultimate symbol – the padlock, the Secret of Schiaparelli is the contemporary expression of a woman’s bag.

The padlock is the ultimate Schiaparelli symbol, like a coat of arms that has been featured in its collections since 1931. True to the house’s spirit, the Secret features a golden padlock that is both decorative and functional. In the 1930s, Schiaparelli had it in many forms including embroideries, buttons, metal clasps, jewellery, shape of pockets but also a bag locked with a padlock. Its symbolic meaning of protecting precious content, preserving from the evil eye in some cultures and being a token of love for others could only appeal to Elsa Schiaparelli’s esoteric and superstitious nature.

The design of the bag is pure and sophisticated. Graphic, sleek and strong, it fuses what Schiaparelli stands for in terms of values, savoir-faire and details. Each bag is made in France using the most traditional techniques and refined artistry. Its timeless lines include exquisite detailing such as shocking pink inside stitching, a cream nappa lining, the “S” letter subtly engraved on metal studs and Schiaparelli’s lucky number “4” as a leitmotiv - 4 sides, 4 S-engraved studs, 4 small circles like dots on the « i », 4 shocking pink inside stitches, a 4 sided-cylindered buckle, a 4-colour palette - black, gold, cream and shocking pink. Seemingly symmetrical with an asymmetrical twist in its flap showing an off-centred padlock, its shape fuses rectangles, triangles and circles.

Its name is synonymous with mystery and intimacy echoing the one place where a woman keeps her treasured belongings safe and hides her little secrets.

The Secret of Schiaparelli is available 21, place Vendôme.