Chanel skin care SUBLIMAGE

  • Publish date: Thursday، 28 April 2022
Chanel skin care SUBLIMAGE

In 1927, Gabrielle Chanel created her very first skincare line to preserve and maintain the skin’s natural beauty. As someone who believed that fashion could free minds, she considered it just as essential to free oneself from the passage of time, in order to think of style as a whole: from clothing to perfume, and from accessories to skincare.

This was the beginning of a holistic skincare philosophy and a vision of femininity based on living a healthy lifestyle, understanding one’s body, and having self-confidence. In 1929, Mademoiselle Chanel introduced body care into women’s beauty routines in order to ease physical and mental tension.

In her eyes, one could not be truly radiant without first experiencing fulfillment and inner well-being. This avant-garde vision enables every woman to transcend time, and to do so with style.

SUBLIMAGE, the quintessence of CHANEL Research’s expertise, has embodied this holistic view of both women and skincare since its creation in 2006. Enriched with powerful active ingredients derived from Vanilla Planifolia, each skincare product in the line is meticulously crafted, for a unique sensory experience.

For the first time, SUBLIMAGE La Crème Corps et Décolleté extends the SUBLIMAGE experience to the body.




Today, SUBLIMAGE unveils a new sensory experience that goes hand in hand with massage, a body cream whose texture transforms when applied to the skin: SUBLIMAGE La Crème Corps et Décolleté. Rich and enveloping to the touch, it delivers a surprising, regenerative feeling of freshness on contact. This fresh, velvety veil quickly absorbs into the skin, leaving it feeling deeply nourished and perfectly comfortable.

CHANEL Research has successfully reconciled lightness with richness and freshness with comfort, all in a single formula.

This fresh emulsion contains a high concentration of natural butters and oils, encapsulated in imperceptible droplets. Micropearls instantly brighten the skin, adding a finishing touch of sophistication.


It all began in 1995 when, after closely studying Vanilla Planifolia, CHANEL researchers discovered its incredible active molecules and their exceptional anti-aging properties.

CHANEL’s first open- sky laboratory was established in 2002 on the island of Madagascar. This center for cultivation, development and botanical experimentation made it possible to reveal the power of Vanilla Planifolia as an active ingredient and to extract the plant’s precious molecules, all for the benefit of SUBLIMAGE beauty products. Enriched with Vanilla Planifolia extracts, SUBLIMAGE La Crème Corps et Décolleté provides the skin with comprehensive anti-aging care.

At the heart of this exceptional treatment that sublimates the body, Intense Vanilla Water is known to preserve the quality of collagen and elastin fibers. It is associated with Vanilla Enfleurage Oil, which has antioxidant properties.


This new SUBLIMAGE ritual places more importance than ever on self-care, the invaluable time that we set aside for ourselves and that does so much more than enhance our skin. Looking after your body while giving yourself some time to just let it all go: such is the goal of the application technique developed by CHANEL for SUBLIMAGE La Crème Corps et Décolleté.

Apply the cream to perfectly clean, dry skin every morning to provide nourishment and protection, and use it every evening to experience its comforting, regenerating effect.

1. To maximize the penetration of the active ingredients, use your thumb and index finger to perform a series of deep, invigorating pinching movements on any areas of the body lacking in firmness.

2. Warm up the product in your hands and apply the cream to the neck, décolleté and chest.

3. Then, move to other parts of the body, including the stomach, hips and buttocks, rubbing in a circular motion. Massage the legs and feet using smooth upward strokes, then perform the same movements on the arms, paying special attention to the elbows. Finish

by massaging your hands.

1. Prolong this moment of total relaxation by applying light pressure to the driest areas of

your body with the palms of your hands, which will help to comfort the skin.


SUBLIMAGE La Crème Corps et Décolleté comforts and visibly enhances the skin’s appearance. It immediately increases hydration (+65%) and gradually improves comfort over time (+43%). The skin appears visibly rejuvenated and youthful. Deeply nourished and moisturized, it is left looking supple, toned, soft and radiant. It glows with beauty.

To prolong this highly sensorial experience, in 2021, the iconic SUBLIMAGE La Crème will be available in a new form: SUBLIMAGE Le Baume.

Instrumental evaluation conducted on 20 women, 30 minutes after application. Self-assessment completed by 32 women after 8 weeks of use.



CHANEL Research has acquired unique expertise in both the cultivation of Vanilla Planifolia and the extraction of its active molecules. They have identified molecules with unique, beneficial properties for the skin at every stage of Vanilla Planifolia’s life cycle. Informed by an extended period of research, observation, and experimentation, CHANEL Research has developed exclusive active ingredients that enhance the appearance of women’s skin.


Obtained from the fresh flowers, the Flower Extract is combined with Enfleurage Oil, which is created by steeping dried flowers in a bath of plant-based oil. Together, they protect skin from oxidative stress in the long term.


The Éphémères, which are obtained from the immature fruit via chrono-extraction*, boost skin regeneration.


Intense Vanilla Water, obtained from the mature fruit through hydrodistillation, combats free radicals and prevents the degradation of collagen and elastin fibers.
Planifolia PFA, which is obtained from the ripe fruit via polyfractioning**, stimulates regeneration.

At the heart of this exceptional formula, this combination of active ingredients targets all signs of aging.

A delicate process developed by CHANEL Research and perfectly adapted for fragile molecules.
PolyFractioning of Active Ingredients. A specific process developed by CHANEL that allows for the creation of ultra-pure

cosmetic ingredients.


SUBLIMAGE Le Baume’s smooth texture transforms on contact with the skin. Its silky formula delivers a delightful fresh sensation upon application, followed by a sense of enveloping comfort. The skin feels soothed.

Composed of 91% naturally derived ingredients, the formula is enriched with precious oils and natural butters, which nourish and comfort the skin, while hyaluronic acid and glycerin leave it moisturized and plump.


SUBLIMAGE Le Baume offers a new sensory experience and can be used as part of your daily skincare routine, as a mask, or applied to specific areas as an intensive anti-aging skincare treatment. It is accompanied by a custom-developed application technique that maximizes the benefits of the product and increases overall well-being.

Apply in the morning to nourish and protect your skin from oxidative stress.

Apply in the evening to clean, makeup-free skin to provide relief from any stress accumulated during the day, allowing skin to regenerate itself while you sleep.

  1. Using the included spatula, dab a small amount of SUBLIMAGE Le Baume onto each cheek, as well as the forehead, neck and décolleté.

  2. With both hands, smooth over the face from the center outwards.

  3. For the neck, follow your jawline. Finally, for the décolleté, gently smooth downwards

    from the chin to the collarbones.

  4. Next, perform the following regenerating technique, which was specifically developed by

    CHANEL to ensure that your skin receives optimal benefits from the cream: make two fists

    and, using your knuckles, massage each area of your face with a circular motion.

  5. For even more comfort and softness, warm up the balm in your hands and, breathing

    deeply, gently press it onto: - the forehead and cheeks
    - the temples and cheekbones

    - the chin
    - the jawline.


    The skin is instantly moisturized (+57%*). Protected, nourished and regenerated, it looks smoother, softer and more radiant. After 1 month of use, it feels more comfortable (+55%**) and soothed.

    SUBLIMAGE Le Baume is a complete skincare product that provides comprehensive care, improving the radiance, evenness, and quality of the skin, for a gentle transformation. Its enveloping texture encourages genuine self-care. The balm revitalizes and maintains the appearance of the face. As time passes, the skin’s beauty remains.

    The SUBLIMAGE line offers women the ultimate luxury experience, for skin that looks deeply regenerated and beautifully radiant. Thanks to these highly specialized skincare products, CHANEL helps to set the right tone: one of natural elegance, fulfillment, and confidence. There is something authentic about CHANEL style that invites you to be real and bold. The art of being yourself.

    *Instrumental evaluation conducted on 20 women, 30 minutes after application. **Self-assessment completed by 31 women.