Saudi founded-beauty brand ASTERI launches globally this May 2023

  • Publish date: Thursday، 15 June 2023
Saudi founded-beauty brand ASTERI launches globally this May 2023

Pioneering new make-up brand ASTERI launches on May 2023 in the Middle East.

Asteri exists to empower us to shine our light in the world. Inspired by where we come from, excited for where we will go together.
Beauty trends come and go, but Arabia is arguably where it all began. The art of makeup has deep roots in the Middle East, and it’s time to share what we’ve learned.

Even in the face of the world’s most extreme weather, the women of Arabia have high expectations of their makeup. Asteri’s smart formulas rise to the challenge through problem-solving, skin-loving formulas that don’t need topping up throughout the day, or heavy layers to last.

Asteri is Vegan, Microplastic Free and Cruelty Free. Asteri stands for clean beauty, created without harmful and sensitising ingredients to skin friendly formulas to recycle material for their packaging with 80% of pre-loved plastic.

Makeup with a unique point of view

The new makeup movement. A-Beauty makeup offers protective skincare properties and high-performance colour, designed for extreme weather and a diverse range of skin types and colours.
A-Beauty is designed to work in extreme weather–from intense dry heat to excessive humidity. At A-Beauty’s core is the authentic inclusion of a wide range of skin tones and types that are typical of the diverse populations of Arab regions.We are Saudi Arabia’s new premium beauty brand.

Asteri’s modern,weatherproof and buildable formulas allow for a more flexible, weightless application that still deliver impactful and highly pigmented colour with rebalancing and protective skincare benefits.

An inclusive and diverse range of makeup shades will resonate with women across Arabia, and the world.

Desert-Proof formulas

As well as being worn by real women living in Saudi’s extreme climate, every Asteri formula has undergone an independent laboratory test to replicate the most hot and humid weather conditions

imaginable, resulting in makeup formulas that are ‘Desert Proof’. That Asteri’s makeup performs at such a high level while feeling weightless and comfortable on the skin embodies the brand’s modern, forward-thinking approach to beauty.

Proud to present Arab beauty on the global stage,it's time to let the light shine.

Created by, and for, the modern Arab woman

Asteri is the brainchild of Saudi entrepreneur Sara Al Rashed
As the youngest of three sisters, Sara was schooled in the art of makeup from a young age, learning

advanced application tricks that she’d then teach to her close circle of friends, that they would then pass on to theirs. Having experienced persistent skin problems all her life, Sara believes that makeup is far more than a superficial act, it is an effective tool for self- expression. The purpose of Asteri is makeup to enhance the essence of the woman who is wearing it – importantly, never hiding who she is – and to create a feeling of sisterhood that encourages women to support one another’s endeavours and raise each other up

“I realised that there wasn’t a brand that represented the modern Arab woman who doesn’t fit the traditional stereotypes. Asteri is inspired by strong Arab women, who are always pushing boundaries and reaching for the stars.”
Sara Al Rashed, Asteri founder

A complete makeup collection

The brand’s founder Sara designed a line of makeup that offer a curated wardrobe of makeup staples, and the collection encompasses everyday essentials for the complexion, eyes and lips, as well as beautifully-designed bags to carry it all around in. Defined eyes remain a key look, and the collection takes the traditional artform of dramatic lined eyes in a striking new direction with an incredible, innovative mascara and the brand’s contemporary twist on classic kohl liner. What’s more, with a number of refillable makeup products available, Asteri is also blazing a trail for more mindful, environmentally-conscious makeup packaging.

Stamped into powders and adorning accessories, the brand’s signature ‘sisters under the stars’ motif draws inspiration from the decorative art of Arabic calligraphy, and is an invitation to women everywhere to join the Asteri constellation.

Clean beauty ingredients that care for the skin

Asteri formulas are vegan, cruelty free and made using ‘clean’ beauty ingredients, and without any potentially harmful and sensitising ingredients including mineral oil, microplastics, parabens,

sulphates, known carcinogens, carbon black and many more. The brand has sought out the best, high-performance ingredients that actively care for the skin, and all products are dermatologist or ophthalmologist approved.

Asteri collection is available on from May 2023.