• Publish date: Tuesday، 28 February 2023

For its Fall 2023 Collection, "Awakening the Divine," La DoubleJ introduces an evocative new ready-to-wear line inspired by J.J.'s deep connection to and explorations through Egypt. Pillared by rich embroideries, sultry hues, bold embellishments, and intricate, hand-placed prints, the collection is an ode to the magic and mysticism of the country that speaks to her soul and to the exceptional craft of the country that feeds her imagination. Featuring a radiant reimagining of the Milan-based brand's original silhouette, The Swing, this season is a true celebration of divine femininity, with more effortlessly elegant dresses, separates and accessories crafted, as always, by the finest artisans and craftsmen in Italy.


La DoubleJ Founder J.J. Martin is on an ongoing spiritual quest. Last year she spent four weeks in Egypt over two trips, first as an initiate of High Priestess Deirdre Kennedy and then as cohost of a bespoke Il-day spiritual journey down the Nile.

This was the genesis of this collection.

"The two trips I took to Egypt last year were life-changing and impacted me on a mental, physical, energetic, emotional and spiritual level." saysJ.J. Martin of the new Fall Collection. "I'm always finding ways in which I can bridge what I learn in my spiritual practice with what I do every day at work. This is the most personal inspiration that l i ve ever brought to a collection. Having spent weeks immersing myself in the rituals, ceremonies and study of the Ancient Egyptian Mystery school, I was truly able to absorb the significance of all of these remarkable symbols, gods and goddesses, and to appreciate not just the vast wealth of beauty there, but also the meaning behind it. This is what I think makes this collection so special; having this profound understanding of the significance of these visuals, and then return and say, 'How can we transmit this power to a customer in a way that will be meaningful for them?"'


The depth of the ancient Egyptian influence is evidenced across the entire collection, both in overall concept and minute details woven throughout. While the bold and bountiful Nile and Philae prints were sourced from an Egyptian tome from the historic Mantero archives, the line arrives awash with more original, in-house prints based on photos captured during J .J.'s travels through the region. The wild and playful Bast (cat) print is perhaps the most representative of the brand's ethos, inspired by the Egyptian goddess of love, intoxication, music, dancing, celebration, secrets, magic and joy (can you say, DoubleJ?) while the darker but equally divine feminine energy of Isis' sister has been re-conceived in the elaborate Nephthys pattern. The Papyrus print features heavily throughout the collection, a graphic, macro interpretation of the now almost-extinct plant indigenous to ancient Egypt. Key symbols like the scarab (known as the

God, Khepri) representing the morning sun, and the serpent signifying renewal, are blown up large, while the Ankh, the emblem for "the key of life" is woven throughout the collection, a secret detail energizing each piece. Each of these symbols is represented inJ.J.'s altar at home, imbuing each design with added gravitas and personal meaning.


Injecting a touch of opulence into the everyday has always been La DoubleJ's forte. This season, the brand ups the ante with more effortlessly elegant day-to-night dresses than ever before. Taking direct inspiration from ancient Egypt, sensual cutouts feature across new silhouettes like the sophisticated Farfalla Dress, while the new series of bi-colore Harlequin dresses exemplify a shift toward more fitted, body-skimming evening styles, cut on the bias to flatter all figures. The celebratory styles now synonymous with the 'LDJ look" are particularly striking this season; The Hathor Dress, a true glamour gown, arrives with hand-placed prints and almost floorlength sleeves for regal effect, while The Wednesday Dress makes its debut with exquisite lace detailing across the collar and a modern, exaggerated shoulder. La DoubleJ's very first silhouette and best- selling style to date, The Swing, has gotten a radiant revamp this season in the form of the Super Swing family. Reworked in intricate intarsia embroideries and special fabrications, this luxurious series arrives in a dressier and more minimalist-friendly offering in color-blocked iterations and shimmery jacquards.


Adding impact to the modern woman's "back-to-work" fall wardrobe, La DoubleJ's new collection features its largest and most luxurious suiting range, taking full advantage of Italy's famed expertise in fine tailoring. New styles like the solid, velvet jackets with feathered cuffs join printed, compact wool and jacquard brocade sets designed to be layered as a maximalist mix and match, worn as a set with coordinating skirts and trousers, or included as elevated accompaniments to one's own fall staples. With elevating the everyday as a guiding principle, La Double] launches two powerful additions to its collection of best-selling slogan tops. A cropped cheeky "Double Trouble" tee joins the bold "Raise Your Vibration" motto emblazoned across crisp Italian cotton, perfect for styling with the brand's new denim collection.


On the heels of its wildly successful Resort 22 knitwear collection, the brand delivers yet another line of beautifully crafted sweaters for fall, featuring rainbow-printed slogan knits, brushed Italian wool turtlenecks and new colorways of LDJ's best-selling two-tone argyle line. Luxurious layering is the name of game as we head into September with a new collection of intricate placée capes in multiple lengths, injecting the line with a little Milanese mystery and elegance.


Continuing its commitment to cloaking the women of the world in wonder from head-to-toe, La Double] expands its footwear collection with several new shapes including a play on the classic ballerina, an open toed sandal boot, a statement platform and power-printed kneehigh boot. Each arrives crafted from the finest Italian materials in collaboration with the brand's artisan partners, a true celebration of the craft the country is so famed for.


The collection marks the debut of La DoubleJ's very first foray into denim, a preview of which will be available for purchase in the Spring of 2023. With joy sewn directly into the seams, the line is an elevated approach to the everyday staple, featuring dyed and laser-printed jeans, intricate hand-placed prints (including a brand new Ying Yang J.J. signature emblem), and the luxurious jacquard embroidery for which the brand has now become known.