• Publish date: Wednesday، 06 April 2022

Codex Beauty Labs combines the science of plant biology with biotech innovations to define a new standard for products that are truly clean and sustainable. The Bia collection harnesses the power of bio-actives extracted from native Irish plants long valued for their soothing and hydrating properties. As with every Codex Beauty line, Bia is exceptionally pure and made with technically edible ingredients.

During the holy month of Ramadan, many people are likely to experience inflamed, dry or dull skin due to fasting. The lack of hydration and changes in sleeping patterns may also cause more visible under-eye circles. That’s why we have created a replenishing skincare routine with products from Codex Beauty Labs’ Bia line to support your skin with natural ingredients in this meaningful time of Ramadan.

Step 1: Gentle cleanse

Use Bia Wash Off Gentle Cleansing Oil to remove impurities, SPF and makeup while leaving the skin smooth and hydrated.

Upon contact with water, the oil instantly emulsifies into a milky solution which removes dirt and excess sebum without compromising the skin natural moisture barrier or leaving it with an oily residue.

Formulated with a range of natural plant oils and butters, it balances blemishes and restores radiance. Borage Flower oil acts as a moisture protector by reducing water loss, while Blackcurrant Seed oil protects from environmental factors and rejuvenates tired skin. Oat Lipid oil works to soothe and calm and Chia seed oil adds a balanced boost of hydration.

Bia Wash Off Gentle Cleansing Oil

Step 2: Deep hydration

Bia Hydrating Skin Superfood is a deeply moisturizing cream that features a blend of botanical extracts

to address hydration in a distinct yet complementary way, and instantly restore hydration. Ingredients

such as Calendula are both soothing and moisturizing while helping keep the skin protected. Comfrey,

rich in allantoin, encourages new skin cells to grow, while Wild Pansy hydrates and boosts the skin's

capacity to retain moisture. Immortelle, a powerful anti-ageing ingredient, helps lock moisture into the

skin by covering it with a moisture-retentive film. Marsh Mallow, with its emollient and soothing

properties, helps relieve the skin of any flakiness. Overall, the skin is left feeling calm, plump, and


Bia Skin Superfood Moisturiser

Step 3: Under-eye care

Bia Hydrating Eye Gel is an award-winning under-eye moisturiser that soothes stressed and dehydrated

skin. Using the healing power of plant-based ingredients, this lightweight, clinically proven formula

replaces hydration lost, while also protecting and firming the delicate eye area. Featuring a blend of

potent natural extracts, such as Arnica oil to reduce puffiness, Bladderwrack oil to lower moisture loss

and protect against irritation, and Immortelle to create a moisture-retentive film. Cucumber extract

contains amino acids, proteins and lipids to help plump and reduce dark circles and puffiness, teamed

with Aloe Vera to soothe, brighten and firm.

Bia Hydrating Eye Gel

Step 3: Sealing in

After having replenished the skin, you want to seal all the hardworking ingredients in to help support

your skin all through the day. Bia Nourishing Facial Oil is designed to revive dull, dehydrated skin and give a moisture boost to skin in need.

A combination of botanical oils work in tandem to firm, moisturize

and infuse essential fatty acids and vitamins deep into the skin’s inner layers. Rosehip and Sea

Buckthorn soothe, moisturise and balance with Vitamins A and C. Prickly Pear and Bog Myrtle work

together to even out skin tone and provide a high dose of antioxidants. Baobab oil, which contains

natural sources of Vitamins A, D, E and F improves elasticity. The skin is left feeling deeply moisturized

with a healthy-looking glow.

Bia Facial Oil