The gift of Glow : Unwind with whind this end of year

  • Publish date: Tuesday، 22 November 2022
The gift of Glow : Unwind with whind this end of year

This holiday season unwind with Whind’s “Overnight Ritual”, a 3-step, radiance-boosting routine. This trio will take you through a transportive and relaxing night ritual for star-lit, visibly clearer, smoother skin, by morning.

Step 1. Prepare your skin for a deep yet gentle renewal with Kasbah Stars Exfoliating Serum:

Kasbah Stars Exfoliating Serum

radiance renewing night serum with a pillow-soft blend of gentle exfoliating acids that repairs as it resurfaces without stinging!

With our new approach to acids, this skin-cushioning milky night serum uses barrier-repairing PHAs to lock in hydration. Renewing AHAs and clarifying BHAs brighten and smooth rough texture, without irritation. Aloe Vera soothes and calms, and the soft scent of lavender transports you to a sweet slumber.

How to use:

Use at night-time. Apply 2-3 drops onto dry, cleansed face and neck gently pressing and tapping into the skin. Follow up with SPF the next morning. For sensitive skin, start with using the serum 2 -3 times a week.

Step 2. Ensure a luminous gaze with Sahara Sunrise eye cream:

Kasbah Stars Exfoliating Serum 02

A 97% natural eye mask that lifts, depuffs, and brightens the under-eye area instantly and over time, targeting signs of dullness. Soothing like an eye mask but with the potency of an overnight treatment, this eye cream lifts and depuffs upon application, perking up the delicate eye area for instant luminosity and hydration.

Supercharged with Caffeine, Niacinamide, Sahara Sunrise helps brighten dark circles and smooth fine lines over time for a beaming under-eye glow that lasts.

How to use:

Apply a small amount of the cooling cream-gel texture around the eye area by patting lightly with the tips of your fingers, ensuring none gets into the eyes.

Step 3. Deeply nourish and renew your skin’s glow with Kasbah Moonlight Night Cream

Kasbah Stars Exfoliating Serum 03

A fast-absorbing overnight cream that deeply nourishes and renews skin overnight for rejuvenated, radiant skin and a beaming glow by morning. Its sensorial texture transforms from cream to a lightweight oil that sinks in fast.

Kasbah Moonlight  harnesses the skin’s peak repair time to bind and lock moisture thanks to Botanical Oils and Glycerin, support skin cell turnover with Argan oil ( “Nature’s liquid gold”) and help undo the damage of the day as you sleep, neutralizing free radicals  thanks to Antioxidants rich Iris Flower Extract and Vitamin E.

How to Use:

Massage evenly across dry, cleansed face and neck in circular motions, feeling the cream transform into oil. Use daily.

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Kasbah Stars Exfoliating Serum 04