• Publish date: Thursday، 15 July 2021

LOEWE is pleased to welcome the new family of Goya bags in a smooth silk calfskin, and a range of vibrant colours.

The new Goya bag family made its debut in LOEWE’s Fall Winter 2021 women’s runway collection, a full-frontal, visually saturated statement in shape and colour, pumped up to the max. At its heart is the Goya, a compact structured bag that is very well organised for its size.

The bag’s neat Anagram closure and vibrant colourways contrast with its sharp, graphic simplicity. Beautifully hand-crafted in silk calfskin and lined with soft nappa lambskin, the Goya is the ultimate expression of fine craftsmanship and a new LOEWE investment piece.

The Goya introduces a new silk calfskin with an elevated feel that reflects LOEWE’s leather craft heritage, and a beguiling dynamic between the tactile materials and the sharp modernist lines of the bag’s form.

The range is available in a colour palette which explores the monochrome and muted tones of warm desert, tan, and avocado green, to the candy- coloured shades of bright yellow, cyan and a rich, deep red.

The Goya is also available in black and soft white, offering a design that feels like a piece of jewellery. A gold magnet closure of LOEWE’s Anagram on the front of each bag provides a focal point for the Goya and completes the statement.

The new Goya bags are available in three sizes: Goya, Goya Small and an Accordion Clutch.

There’s also a smaller Cardholder. Custom-designed hardware, such as the Anagram magnet closure and the metallic bridges through which their calf leather straps slide accentuate the sleekness of the style.

An adjustable clasp allows the Goya and the Goya Small to be worn on one shoulder, across the body, or for a short carry. Straps of the Accordion Clutch can be removed, and the bag held as a hand pochette.

Each member of the Goya family is constructed so as to have a bombée effect, achieved
by the exceptionally precise placement of panels and the subtle stitching needed to respect the tactility of the leather.

The carefully engineered construction of the Goya continues inside, with the bags featuring multiple compartments and gussets such as an inner zipper and a press-button pocket, to provide functionality to the design.

Details such as the gold-embossed message ‘LOEWE Made In Spain’, on the interior and the inside of the straps, offer a reminder of the heritage behind each handcrafted Goya bag and elevate the line further.

Silk calfskin Goya bags will be available from July 15th, 2021.