Loro Piana Fall Winter 2023-2024 Women’s Collection

  • Publish date: Tuesday، 28 February 2023
Loro Piana Fall Winter 2023-2024 Women’s Collection

As a house of sensations, Loro Piana fosters experience being the quintessence of luxury and en plein air enjoyment,  in contact with nature or within the metropolitan landscape. Such far-roaming mindset this season extends even  wider, traveling across the homelands of the key fibers that reside at the core of Loro Piana’s expertise, from Peru  to New Zealand, from Australia to Mongolia. The richness in heritage and material innovation that is unique to  Loro Piana as master of fibers guides the flow of silhouettes and colors as fluid, feminine shapes mingle with sharp,  masculine lines, the precious blends with the pragmatic, equestrian nods meld with folk touches, faded prints with  firm textures. Ease, as ever, is the byword.  

The magnitude of the landscapes in which the collection travels, their colors and spirit are mirrored in the vastness  of the proposal, moving from elegant to rugged, ultralight to cocooned, city to weekend. What stays, across the  waves, is the artisanal mastery with superlative fibers, and an idea of stylish playfulness in mixing items. Coats have  roomy volumes, while dresses flow smoothly over the body. Horse-riding nods inform tailoring and outerwear:  the new trousers’ shape has a fuller volume that gets dramatically narrow at the bottom. Capes and coats with  delicate embroideries bring a touch of the exotic into play. Marine peacoats add structure, while blouson and kilts  suggest a countryside feel. Knitwear expresses ease.  

The collection’s journey starts in muted yet deep tones in Peru, the land of the vicuña, with light and flowing  shapes in an amalgamation of linens mixed with cashmere and CashDenim. The natural hues, the browns and  grays of New Zealand follow with dimensional outerwear in rich wools and leather, and mélange suiting with  mildly formal feel. Oversized jerseys teamed with tartans bring the journey to Australia, with a practical and yet  nonchalant attitude. Final destination is Mongolia: here shearlings and chunky knits in natural fleece tones give out  a high winter feel.  

The journey is one of colors and textures, as the amalgamations of cashmere, silk, linen and vicuña responds to an  earthy palette of Soil, Tea Leves, Nougat, Nutmeg, Camel, Caramel Butter, and Hay accented with dashes of orange and  Forest Leaves. Navy Blue and Black add depth.  

Accessories explore an equally wide range of attitudes. The Extra Bag and the Extra Case either in supple leathers  or wicker have a demure feel, while the spacious Tasman Tote feels free and adventurous. Extra Pocket bags come  in natural or colorful variations. The soft and versatile Bale is offered in L and Micro size for different uses.  Equestrian boots, ballet flats and sling backs with low heels, shearling moccasins and Cashfur boots complete the  looks together with cashmere hats, knitted caps and cashmere baseball hats.  

Clothes as companions of an extraordinary life: excellence, in motion.