Loro Piana opens its first boutique in Kuwait in Avenues Mall

  • Publish date: Sunday، 03 September 2023
Loro Piana opens its first boutique in Kuwait in Avenues Mall

Loro Piana further expands its presence in the Middle East and announces the opening of its  first boutique in Kuwait, located within the prestigious Avenues Mall. The store showcases the new Loro Piana  concept and exclusive VIP Saloons, offering an exquisite blend of traditional elegance and contemporary design  and inviting customers to indulge in an unparalleled luxury shopping experience.  

Loro Piana 01

The new store concept and interior design direction depict Loro Piana's iconic enduring style, preserving the  core elements of natural materials, warm colour palette, signature oak wood and Carabottino details. It is a  concrete return to the maison’s heritage and Sergio Loro Piana’ legacy, whose codes are now reworked in a  thoroughly timeless and modern key. The whole space is characterized by a faultless fusion of sophistication  and comfort, intended to evoke a ‘home from home’ feeling, and it creates a luminous and luxurious  environment. Finishing and surfaces are rich in textures, and together with the sumptuous touch of the fabrics  used for upholstery, directly recalls the sensoriality of the House. Warm earthy tones of Kummel, combined with soft lighting, further adds to the alluring and enveloping ambiance.  

Loro Piana 02

Located in the Mall's Prestige area, the new store sits over two floors connected by an elevator and a stairway  embellished with stucco decoration on the walls and a venetian glass’ chandelier from the ceiling, designed  exclusively for this location. The ground floor welcomes visitors with a spacious entrance room dedicated to  accessories, with an emphasis on exquisite handbags. From there, guests can explore three distinct areas: the  first area showcases a carefully curated selection of shoes, while the following two areas focus on ready-to-wear  Collections for women and men respectively.  

Loro Piana 03

The first floor is for the sole use of VIP clients, only available through private appointments through an ultra refined private entrance, with exclusive and dedicated Saloons where they can explore an extensive range of  garments and accessories through unparalleled comfort and privacy. These two Saloons made up the entire  upper floor: they are private and comfortable rooms whose interiors are enriched with refined wood boiseries,  champagne metal details and fine silk panelling by Loro Piana Interiors.  

Loro Piana 04

Remaining faithful to the maison’s timeless and distinctive ethos, the store’s savoir faire façade, inspired by the  soft and wavy texture of Loro Piana fabrics, is reimagined by architects Jun Aoki and Yoshihiko Takeuchi in  handmade terracotta ceramic tiles, combining tradition with innovation. The Made in Italy tiles are realized in  glazed ceramic in different shades of iconic Loro Piana Kummel, impactfully degrading in colour from top to  bottom. The impressive architectural elements, meticulous attention to detail, and luxurious materials enhance  the stunning façade, reflecting the brand's commitment to craftsmanship.  

Loro Piana’s new boutique in Kuwait offers an elegant and refined ambiance, allowing the products to take  center stage. The maison's dedication to excellence is showcased through a meticulous design that celebrates  craftsmanship while providing an unparalleled shopping experience.