• Publish date: Tuesday، 02 July 2024

Magda Butrym is proud to unveil the Pre-Spring 2025 collection, a seamless blend of daily practicality and high-fashion romanticism. Drawing inspiration from the enigmatic spirit of iconic women and historical aesthetics, this season marks a significant shift by introducing new fabrics that embody a more everyday attitude. Designed to accompany a woman's life at every stage, the collection redefines the Magda Butrym wardrobe while preserving signature romanticism and sharpness.

Magda Butrym

A New Daily Attitude The Pre-Spring 2025 collection aims to be the new Magda wardrobe, designed to create a dreamy world that is both versatile and accessible. The collection features a darker, burnt earthy palette, contrasting with the bright hues of past collections. This shift brings a more settled and comfortable look for everyday wear.

Magda Butrym 01

Innovative Fabrics and Textures Predominant fabrics in this collection include cottons, stretchy jerseys, silks, wools, and luxurious leathers. Cotton, a cornerstone of the collection, is prominently featured in daily shirts with crochet finishing, trench coats, and new workwear pants. Leather, a niche specialty of Magda Butrym, is given more prominence this season with a variety of luxurious materials such as shiny blood-red leather, eel skin, and pony skin effect leather.

Magda Butrym 02

Craftsmanship and Unique Details Crochet is reinterpreted with unique craftsmanship, highlighted in statement body-sculpted shirts and skirts paired with handmade bonnets, creating a polka doll-inspired look. Sculpted grain de poudre dresses and skirts with 3D roses and double-color motifs introduce new rose details to the collection. Prints play with calm nude backgrounds and darker tones, offering a more visually pleasing aesthetic.

Magda Butrym 03

Versatility and Allure Corsets play a predominant role, featured in couturier volumes and on Magda's signature jersey dresses to add substance to simple fabrics. Touches of fur emphasize the collection's sharpness, adding a glamorous and feminine vibe. Commercial pieces feature new puffy shoulder details, embracing the shape of a sculpted rose.

Magda Butrym 04

Innovative Knitwear Knitwear is more edgy this season, with a mix of feminine shapes and crochet-trimmed cardigans and shorts, as well as exaggerated pieces with fur-trim details.

Daily pieces with buckle details and hooded bodies serve as the fil rouge of the collection's silhouette.

Magda Butrym 05

A New Era in Everyday Elegance Magda Butrym's Pre-Spring 2025 collection defines the brand's heritage through a natural progression rather than drastic change. It presents a cohesive, versatile wardrobe that reflects individual personality while maintaining a sharp fashion edge.