• Publish date: Friday، 22 April 2022

Moynat – a name that belongs to Pauline Moynat, the first and only woman to bring feminine flair to the male-dominated metier of luxury trunk-making at the height of the Belle Epoque- opens a fresh page in the beautiful story of our house.

Creative Director Nicholas Knightly has stepped over the threshold of the Maison to write a new chapter into the feminine, hand-crafted savoir-faire tradition that have been part of the brand since 1849.


“Moynat was the equivalent in trunks and bags of the haute couture in fashion, exquisitely
crafted to the individual customers exacting requirements”, Knightly says. “The level of inherited
quality and craft is exceptional here, and I find it so inspiring to collaborate with the artisans
in the Moynat atelier.

Passing the pots of paint lined up in every colour imaginable ready to personalise someone’s dream order is a real joy.”
Made hand-in-hand with the artisans who work in the Moynat ateliers, the creations are a modern
exploration of the authentic inheritance of a Parisian luxury Maison which has been discreetly
producing its delightful treasury of bespoke products for modern travellers.

With his eyes open to the astonishingly inventive secrets held in the archives, Knightly and the house
specialists are working to transport all the pleasures of the skills, the curves, and the inimitable
stamp of Moynat to craft new creations for today’s generation to carry into the world.

Discover the untold stories of Moynat in Knightly’s new creations.

Wheel Bag 01

With its cross-body leather strap, the curved
Le Flori contains a tribute to Maison Moynat’s
origins as a Parisian trunk-maker. The detail of
the top-handle, and the sensual engineering of
the lock mechanism are inspired by studying the
details of trunks made for women in the 1900s.
Surprisingly, the removable shoulder-strap is
also a contemporary nod to Pauline Moynat’s
empathetic design for women on the move.
Long ahead of its time in 1903, Moynat was
advertising women’s handbags on long straps,
to wear hands-free.
Dimensions : 20 (L) x 9 (W)x 19 (H) cm
Materials and colours :
Taurillon Blush with Calf Pearl lining
- Flamingo (palladium hardware)
- Mésange (palladium hardware)
- Tourterelle (palladium hardware)

Le Limousine top-handle bag is named in
honour of a landmark in Moynat history: it made
a reputation in 1902 as a company which sped
ahead with the arrival of the motor car, causing
a sensation with trunks ingeniously crafted
to fit the curves of automobiles. The palest
beige leather nods to Pauline’s reputation for
sophisticated colour, and the curvacious corners
are crafted with the skilled craftmanship which
finished vintage Moynat trunks.
Dimensions : 29 (L) x 12 (W) x 32 (H) cm
Materials and colours :
Taurillon Blush with Calf Pearl lining
- Ocean (gold hardware)
- Tourterelle (palladium hardware)


Look closely at the focal point of these bags, and the inventiveness of our specialist house
lock-masters jumps into focus. Look closer still: at their palladium or gold-plated centre is the
Moynat stamp of authenticity which was first signalled in circular metal stamps hammered onto
luggage in the 1930s. The tactile button mechanism of the silver-plated Medallion Lock opens
and shuts at the push of a finger, a mini-piece of engineering made for modern women on the
go. As recognisable in the 21st century as Moynat logo it was then, this quintessentially French
landmark of design is by Henri Rapin, the prolific artist whose avant-garde lexicon of graphics
lives in the Moynat library. Joining that heritage are the new Voyage top-handle bag and the
bucket-shaped Baluchon on both removable hand carry and cross body leather straps.

Dimensions : 25 (L) x 12 (W) x 32 (H) cm
Materials and colours :
Taurillon Blush with Calf Pearl lining
- Chili (palladium hardware)
- Paon (gold hardware)
- Tourterelle (palladium hardware)

Dimensions : 20 (L) x 14 (W) x 18 (H) cm
Materials and colours :
Taurillon Blush with Calf Pearl lining
- Flamingo (palladium hardware)
- Ocean (gold hardware)
- Tourterelle (palladium hardware)
Satin Calf with Calf Pearl lining
- Safran/Noir (palladium hardware)


A modern signature of the Maison, the monogram design was originally rendered by painter
Henri Rapin in 1920’s by contorting the lines of the letter “M.” For the last century, the Toile 1920
monogram has been the visual autograph of Moynat. Renewed for modernity, the embellished
pattern is now reestablished through an undeniably eye-catching 3D effect, which is the closest
industrial practice to hand painting. The spirit of the Deco lettering is written into the stylistic
codes through colourful hand-painted stripes and initials newly imagined for the owner.

The cylindrical minaudière is designed as

miniature Moynat souvenir, packed into a mini-
bag. Playfully formed for an excursion on a

night out, the surprising design springs from
the shape of the case designed for car-owners
to hold spare tyres which was the talk of chic
automobile enthusiasts at the dawn of motoring.
Dimensions : 17 (L) x 8 (W) x 17 (H) cm
Material : Canvas 1920 with Goatskin lining
Colors : Carbon/Bronze/Cognac
(palladium hardware)

Wheel Bag 01

Wheel Bag 02

Wheel bag 03

Wheel Bag 04

This ultimately charming object packs all the
travel provenance of the Maison Moynat into
one tiny hard-case bag. All the savoir-faire of
the traditional Maison suitcase is meticulously
replicated and shrunk to mini-scale, right
through to the replica of the travel document
wallet which comes tucked inside.
Dimensions : 19,5 (L) x 6 (W) x 16 (H) cm
Material : Canvas 1920 with Goatskin lining
Colors : Carbon/Bronze/Cognac
(palladium hardware)