• Publish date: Monday، 13 March 2023


Le charme discret de la Bohéme


A Bohemian Rockstar soul inspired by the style of le Magicienne MADELEINE CASTAING. “be audacious, but with taste” she used to say….. Our Muse dances the night away with an ELEGANT, ECLECTIC EDGE. Her wardrobe mirrors her nomadic spirit, a collection of retro, vintage, & modern. Permeated by her travels, she is dressed with influences from far & wide. With elements of the American West, the French Cavalry, British rockstars, classic ballerinas, & always, the Latin American tropics, she embraces a dark masculine style, while maintaining a feminine essence.


Mick Jagger’s BOHEMIAN AESTHETIC permeates through the collection with low waistlines & a laissez-faire attitude - framed in streamlined silhouettes. Merging what seem like opposites, Johanna Ortiz brings EXUBERANCE TO WINTER. Transparent jeweled skirts & mini dresses introduce a classic ballerina to a 1920’s flapper. Ruffled embellishments, part of the Johanna Ortiz DNA, are juxtaposed with bias-cut leather piping and low-slung belts. Silk looks transition from day to night with a flowing ease. Oversized sleeves, reminiscent of the 1970’s are paired with pencil leather wrap skirts & pants. 80’s leather fringes adorn jackets, skirts & necklaces. Flamboyant pieces are subdued with simple crewneck lurex tops - toying with opposition. Faux fur-trimmed coats and collars become winter staples. Timeless wrap dresses and pajama sets transition to winter with turtleneck warmers. Iconic pin stripes appear in a classic tailored shirt with a neckline that offers various tying options. Playful stoles worn around the neck accompany many looks.


A bold palette where golden hues meet browns & blacks, takes form in a vintage animal print. Winter burgundy, deep forest green, burnt sienna, caramel, & chocolate marry with jade blue, & vintage pink brushstrokes. Reminiscent of a bohemian late-night spirit, metallics, including opium silver, punctuate the collection.


The abundance of the tropic’s transitions into winter with a balance of sleek silhouettes and exaggerated prints. Interpreting 1970’s book cover illustrations into arabesques, enhances the bohemian aura. JO’s latin roots, ever-present in her collections, transition to winter through hand-painted jaguar prints & colossal palm trees in bold color-block combinations. An oversized eucalyptus, whose pistils converge into playful fringes that adorn and move along the way. Geometric knitted patterns add bold structure to the wintery whimsy of our Muse.


Textures become the main characters in the collection, responsible for our Muse’s sensorial story. Enchanted embellishments add an element of sound to the collection. Coin-shaped adornments whisper tambourine tunes as our muse dances and the beaded arabesques sparkle in the moonlight. leather fringe references the carefree 80’s and cowboy rock n’ roll. Double-breasted blazers, made in collaboration with Spanish brand The Extreme Collection, echo a cavalry marching to rock and roll music. Military-style adornments meet beaded palm trees and shimmering textures are paired with lurex tassels and paillettes are hand sewn on pleated lame. Jet black embroidered rhinestones hug collars, becoming necklaces. Tassel endings made from metallic bullion, morph into eucalyptus pistils. Ortiz celebrates the bohemian textures with jeweled pieces to be treasured forever. The rock and roll 80´s are present with leather fringes bringing movement to every outfit.


A combination of fabrics creates the magical allure of the collection. Flowy silks abound, including crepe de chine, double georgette, & charmeuse. A very special custom-made jacquard with a printed Palm Tree is a novelty for this collection. Bold silk faille, wintery velvet devore and lurex allows Johanna to translate her tropics to winter. Fully sequined garments, pleated lame and jersey, both lurex and shiny, creates a slouchy rock and roll look. Classic masculine pinstriping becomes a tailored shirt with a twist.


An unconventional muse consumed by wanderlust inspired the Fall/Winter Collection, and her accessories accompany her on her winter journey. Johanna Ortiz continues to explore and discover rich Colombian traditions & artisan treasures.


The carriel is a modified saddlebag from the Antioquia region of Colombia, traditionally carried by coffee farmers during their long journeys traveling on mules. The bag holds a rich legacy of tradition emblematic of the coffee culture of Western Colombia. Johanna’s interpretation of the traditional “carriel” results in a unique bag that carries magic, secrets and spells. The design team traveled to Jericó, Antioquia, a small town renowned for carriel production. Following centuries of sewing and construction traditions, the artisans in Jericó continue to produce the authentic carriel. In a small workshop, Santiago Agudelo, the third generation of the Agudelo family, welcomed the JO design team. He shared his knowledge, craft and art in producing the authentic carriel and the magical lore behind the bag. The collaboration between Santiago Agudelo’s workshop and the JO design team resulted in the creation of the JO carriel. With the utmost respect to the artisanal legacy, but in keeping with the JO ethos, the team carefully sourced and introduced raw materials. Aspects of the traditional bag were infused with Johanna Ortiz’s design and colors and stitching reinterpreted to match the collection palette.


A collection staple for Johanna Ortiz, the mini mochila is a “piece de resistance” - designed to handle the Amazon’s exuberance in winter. Handmade & manufactured in “cumare fiber” by the Coreguaje community in Caqueta in southeast Colombia, then adorned with feathers and sequins in the Johanna Ortiz atelier. FASHION JEWELRY Inspired by the print of the eucalyptus flower that symbolizes strength, leadership, & connection, hand-embroidered statement earrings add an important note to the collection’s narrative. Using bullion material commonly used in passementerie, our artisans create flower pistils.


Johanna’s interpretation of the classic Western boot comes with unexpected twists for this collection. Unique details like extra-long pull straps are reminiscent of the closing flap of the carriel. The entire expanse of the accessories are all connected to the collection’s narrative.