A New Collaboration between Asmaa Al Mulla and FENDI

  • Publish date: Sunday، 04 April 2021 Last update: Tuesday، 04 April 2023
A New Collaboration between Asmaa Al Mulla and FENDI

A New Collaboration between Asmaa Al Mulla and FENDI: An Exclusive Photoshoot for 3oud.com

Asmaa Al Mulla, also known as Vintagebaza, posed for a photo session for FENDI, in which she was wearing the most beautiful outfits from FENDI MANIA collection.

This photo session comes after Asma Al Mulla completed a course in Italy focusing on the basics of fashion and everything that goes around this world.

FENDI MANIA collection, which Asmaa appeared wearing some of their pieces, sparkled by a touch of street fashion with a strength that’s derived from the worlds of music and sports, and it features the creative and cheerful spirit of FENDI.

Women's fashion abounds in FENDI prints, and with stars that give a western touch to the outfits, in addition to Wonder Woman-inspired lingerie and cowboy boots. Men's collection includes t-shirts, parkas, jackets, pants, jeans and sneakers. As for the accessories, they suit both men and women, starting with backpacks and ending with small bags with closed zippers.

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When FENDI's streetwear-inspired collection meets the fashion house's craftsmanship, the obsession with the brand will definitely go viral.

It is noteworthy that we are waiting for you at the opening of the FENDI store in the Avenues Mall in Kuwait, on the 16th of October, to launch the new collection of basic pieces of FENDI in vibrant colors and patterns, that are famous with the "FENDI / FILA" symbol created by the artist @hey_reilly who is well known on Instagram, and the fashion house regained the ownership of this symbol through a Ready-to-wear collection and accessories.

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Asma Al Mulla