Benefit Middle East Launches "Your Spark"

  • Publish date: Thursday، 20 July 2023
Benefit Middle East Launches "Your Spark"

Benefit Middle East fosters a positive, inclusive, and empowering digital dialogue for women and girls in the Middle East with the launch of “Your Spark” project

“Your Spark”

Benefit Cosmetics Middle East, a digital maven in the beauty industry boasting over 4.25 million followers across TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube, is primed to launch an innovative social media initiative. 

For the past five years, Benefit Middle East has been fostering an interactive relationship with its audience, predominantly young girls and women, through live sessions. These platforms offered a unique space for the brand’s community to ask candid questions about their bodies, teen experiences, and more, extending well beyond the scope of beauty and makeup. Today, the brand is all set to take these dialogues to the next level. 

Responding to a need unveiled during these sessions, Benefit Middle East is designing an open forum on its social platforms. This initiative aims to provide a secure environment where women and girls from the region can freely discuss their concerns, away from societal judgment, and engage in a meaningful discourse beyond traditional beauty norms. 

The brand's social media channels will be a hub of inspiration as experts, creators and local artists take the stage to uplift their voices.

With the launch of the "شُعْلَتُكِ" or "Your Spark" project, Benefit Middle East intends to foster a positive, inclusive, and empowering digital dialogue for women and girls in the Middle East. Their powerful message "شفتِ، سمعتِ، غيرتِ" or "She Saw, She Heard, She Changed," encapsulates their mission to redefine beauty and normalize female body conversations. 

"Your Spark" project will revolve around three central themes:

  • Unfiltered Self-Love: Encouraging Arab women to celebrate their unique beauty, emancipate from societal pressures, and make self-care a priority.
  • Body & Skin Positivity: Shattering unrealistic beauty standards and advocating acceptance of all body types and skin conditions.
  • Normalizing Female Body Conversations: Establishing an open, shame-free platform to discuss menstruation and the female reproductive system to raise awareness.

Benefit Middle East is thrilled to partner with inspirational local creators and artists such as @thisismotherbeing, @dear.nostalgia, @artopathic, @nouraneowais, and @mnawrah, who share their vision and will add their unique voices to the "Your Spark" initiative. 

Benefit Middle East Launches "Your Spark"

“I believe that at the core of so many of the issues that women face is their struggle to accept themselves and their bodies as they are. I started motherbeing to raise awareness about the unseen and hidden struggles that mothers face and the platform grew very quickly because it allowed women from all ages and all walks of life to feel heard, seen and validated. I'm so excited to participate in this project with Benefit Middle East because I can't wait to see the spark that is within every woman ignite and beam through face.” - @thisismotherbeing

Benefit Middle East Launches "Your Spark" 01

“As an illustrator and content creator, I am always eager to utilize my art to deliver meaningful and empowering messages whenever the opportunity arises. When Benefit shared with me the key messages of Your Spark, I immediately felt a personal connection. "Body & Skin Positivity," "Self-love," and "Normalizing Female Body Conversations" are all sensitive subjects that resonate with me, as they touch upon insecurities that most, if not all of us, experience at some level. I sincerely hope that the Spark project reaches and resonates with as many girls and women as it did with me.” - @nouraneowais

Benefit Middle East Launches "Your Spark" 02

“I'm deeply passionate about empowering Arab women to break stigmas, embrace their power, and amplify their voices. Telling these stories for women, by women, is especially important in our region. Translating them visually and using our mother tongue holds immense power to make a lasting impact, particularly in our digitally interconnected society. Visual storytelling bridges gaps and communicates universal emotions, allowing women to connect on a profound, collective level.” - @dear.nostalgia

All women and girls are invited to join this transformative journey of empowerment and self-discovery on Benefit Middle East's social platforms.  

Stay connected with Benefit Middle East's social media channels for a plethora of exciting content, inspiring dialogues, and a new wave of upliftment.