• Publish date: Thursday، 04 April 2024 Last update: Monday، 15 April 2024

Perpetuating the celebration of its icons and daring creativity, FENDI takes personalization to the next level by launching Make Up Your Peekaboo, a new in-store special project which highlights the Maison’s savoirfaire and legacy in accessorizing – in an exclusive FENDI way.

Starting with the arrival in store of the Women’s Spring/Summer 2024 Collection, FENDI offers the possibility to dress-up one’s iconic Peekaboo bag with a wide, high-end selection of accessories, combining the Maison’s mastery in materials and playfulness with the clients’ utmost desire for luxury and exclusivity.

Clients will have the opportunity to create a bespoke design to express their personal style, giving new life to their favourite FENDI bag or choosing from the new Peekaboo bags: from the iconic FENDI Selleria 1925 with its beautiful, soft and sensual Cuoio Romano naturally grained leather with signature hand-made macro-stitching and sterling silver plaque, to the artisanal Raffia Interlace animation of the season – the distinctive interlace leather mignon workmanship reinterpreted for the Spring/Summer 2024 with a raffia yarn, resulting in an exquisite artisanal masterpiece.

With more than 200 possible combinations, Make Up Your Peekaboo includes a wide assortment of charms, Strap You straps and handles pairing the collection’s mood and palette in different styles and materials, to be mix-and-matched to bring uniqueness whilst expressing FENDI’s irreverent spirit and artisanal artistry.

Showcasing at best the fun side of FENDI and the ability to create cool statement charms, the offer includes a Pico version of the iconic Peekaboo bag – faithfully reproduced in every single detail and realized in matching Selleria Cuoio Romano leather – along with the new FENDI Fortune Teller charm.

Adjustable Strap You straps made of webbing with the signature FF jacquard motif are complemented by the season’s Selleria and Interlace craftmanships – the latter available in leather or raffia – to perfectly match the new Peekaboo bags, while a new maxi FF diamond metal chain strap in silver or gold adds an edgy twist to every bag.

Exclusively available for Peekaboo ISeeU Small and Petite, removable handles come in intricate interlaced leather – crafted in plain or multicoloured variants – or in precious sculpted mink fur with the FF logo, which can all be interchanged with an elegant silk wrappy featuring the patterns of the collection.

A charming initiative and unique shopping experience which celebrates the Peekaboo bag, FENDI’s true icon, in a perfect blend of high-quality tradition and fun innovation.

Available in selected FENDI boutiques worldwide and on fendi.com from April 2024.