• Publish date: Tuesday، 17 October 2023

Milan, October 16th, 2023 – The House of Moschino is pleased to announce the appointment of Davide Renne as the new Creative Director.

In his new role Davide – who has designed women’s collections for two decades at Gucci, eventually as Head Designer of Womenswear – will oversee women’s, men’s and accessories for the Moschino main line, reporting to Massimo Ferretti, Executive Chairman of Aeffe SpA.

Davide will officially assume the role of Creative Director at Moschino on November 1st, 2023. His first collection will debut for Fall/Winter 2024 during February’s 2024 Milan Fashion Week.

“Today we welcome Davide to the Moschino family,” says Massimo Ferretti, Executive Chairman, Aeffe SpA. “We have all been impressed by Davide’s extremely sophistica- ted vision of fashion’s power to create a living dialogue with the world around us, and by his deep understanding of the House of Moschino’s legacy and of our codes. He is a brilliant designer, and a special human being: Franco used to say that bad manners are the only true bad taste and getting to know Davide I have been struck not only by his obvious talent but by his kindness, his sensibility. We are confident that he will play a pivotal role in shaping the future of Moschino, a global House with an Italian heart, and a truly unique DNA in the luxury industry.”

"Franco Moschino had a nickname for his design studio: la sala giochi - the playroom. This resonates deeply with me: what fashion – Italian fashion especially, and the House of Moschino most of all can achieve with its enormous power should be accomplished with a sense of play, of joy. A sense of discovery, and experimentation” says Davide Renne. “I am very conscious of the honor that Mr. Ferretti - a gentleman who has been almost fatherly in his ability to listen and establish a dialogue during our encounters - has bestowed upon me in taking charge of the House founded by one of fashion's great minds. So, thank you Mr. Ferretti for giving me the keys to your playroom. I can't wait to begin – we’ll have fun. Together”.